Black Aunts received downright ruthless rating Bland-As-White-Folks Potato Salad

Four black aunts tried each other’s potato salad and caused laughter on social media with their brutally honest criticism. The aunts hilariously rated their cooking skills while participating in a competition organized by cultural media company Cocoa Butter.

Some of the women gagged after taking just one bite from another contestant’s dish.

The women carefully examined every detail of the potato salad.

“Well, that’s a perfect example of how appearances can be deceiving,” said one of them. “Because it’s sweet, which is how I like it, but it’s not mayonnaise.”


“Look how creamy this is. Where are the chunks?” another added.

“This is baby food,” an aunt said in the video clip as she pushed the plate away. “It looks like mashed potatoes that have been decorated.”

A few others were put off from the moment they saw the food.

“It’s a little too white for me,” said one woman in the video. “I like it yellow and I’m afraid I’ll taste mayonnaise.”

“Oh dear God. What is that?” said another aunt while spitting out the potato salad.

The same participant made it clear that she wanted “potato salad, not mashed potatoes.”

One of the more generous tasters gave a plate of potato salad an eight. However, another woman gave it a rating of two.

“You get two points for effort,” she said. “I was nice. I could have given zero. But I will reserve zero in case someone else is worse off.”

As it turned out, she actually found another potato salad that was worth a zero.

Some of the women said that one of the plates of potato salad they tried had a little too much seasoning.

“No, I can’t,” said one reviewer after tasting the food.

“I’ll definitely go with a B for the effort,” added the woman. “But the potato salad with seasoned salt is not a good solution in my opinion.”

One aunt, who gave the potato salad a three, said, “It’s like potato salad having someone’s teeth pulled and dentures fitted.”

Another person gave it a F and said, “They took the time to make sure they chopped everything up and the presentation was good.”

“It just had too much salt and too much mayonnaise,” she said.

Some of the women had trouble with the large chunks of cucumber they found in the bowl.

“This really shakes me,” said one of them. “Those are really huge chunks of cucumber.”

One of the aunts felt a little more generous and gave the dish they tried a seven.

“If I had to smile at a family gathering and eat it graciously so as not to hurt Aunty’s feelings, I could probably pull it off,” she said.

The same woman later became terrified when she saw another helping of potato salad, which disgusted her from the moment it appeared in front of her. The woman said her prayers before eating, saying, “Please don’t let this make me sick.”

Some of the other tasters were also afraid to see what they would find in the plates they were given. One woman said the only good potato salad she tried was her own. The same woman ended up being named as one of the winners.

“Follow my lead and you won’t go wrong,” she said.

Another aunt also got the highest score and boasted about her potato salad.

“Hi, like I said, I already knew,” she said. “Thank you ladies for not being haters.”