Bimini strips off for plant-based dating app

British drug sensation Bimini has partnered with vegan dating app Grazer for a nude photo shoot.

The app frequently advertises itself with the taglines “f*ck vegans” and “love vegans.” Prior to adopting modeling skills, it welcomed Bimini as a major stakeholder in 2022. The move comes after the dating platform completed a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year.

Bimini rose to fame in the meat-free community for appearing in Season 2 RuPaul’s Drag Race UKThey were like, “I’m vegan! Haha!”

In a series of glamorous images, Bimini is seen in various undressed states, with the “f*ck vegans” strapline adorned across her clothing or naked body.

“Veganism can get a bad reputation. ‘f*ck vegans’ puts a twist on that sentiment by lightheartedly taking the piss out of us and inviting everyone to joke around.

“This campaign is designed to bridge the gap between people through humor. When I put something out there, it matters to me and Grazer shares that mindset.”f* ck vegans” was a perfect marriage at heart. ”

  • Vegan celebrity Bimini joins campaign for dating app Grazer
  • Bimini poses naked for vegan dating app Grazer

Glaser identifies ethics as a turn-on

A self-proclaimed “meatless matchmaker,” Grazer created a “f*ck vegans” campaign following consumer research.

of Vegan dating app says it has found through research that matched ethics is a serious turn-on for singles. He bolstered this claim by revealing that he would date.

Similarly, 42% said they wouldn’t engage in casual encounters with meat eaters.

“People joke about being vegan sexual, but our research shows it’s true. ‘F*ck vegans, love vegans’ fuels a growing hunger for the vegan connection.” It’s our way of celebrating,” said Charlotte Elizabeth, co-founder of Glazer, in a statement.

“Vegans not only want a common lifestyle in long-term partners, but they want it in casual relationships, too.”

Bimini as Grazer Ambassador

Known for its bold, punk-like style, vegan bimini It was a natural ambassador choice for Glaser.

with reference to drag racing Glaser emphasized that Bimini represented contemporary veganism and that the final campaign imagery was inspired by protest imagery. I wanted to capture it.