Bhagwan Se Daro! – Blogger cooks bizarre strawberry pasta, internet reeling

For foodies and chefs, the internet is a great source for all kinds of interesting and unique recipes. We often come across many home chefs who are innovating and creating their own twist on multiple creations. Sometimes these creative recipes are quite interesting and definitely worth trying. For example, one chef made a butter chicken-flavored mac and cheese that was a hit online. But in the case of other recipes, these bizarre inventions simply leave us shocked and wondering why they were created in the same place. Recently, a blogger cooked some bizarre strawberry pasta that split the internet. Looked:

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Pavitra Kaur is the blogger who created this strawberry pasta recipe. The video was shared on his Instagram account @theclassyfoodophile. The clip has received over 46.2k views and 1.2k likes since posting. “This combination may sound weird but believe me, it doesn’t taste weird at all. I just replaced the tomatoes with strawberries,” the blogger captioned.

Strawberries are currently in season, which is why the blogger thought of replacing the tomatoes with strawberries in the usual pasta recipe. First, she heated some olive oil, then added chopped garlic to it. After that, she added chopped strawberries with basil leaves, salt, pepper and red chili powder. She let the sauce cook for a while, then added boiled pasta to it. Strawberry pasta was served with basil leaves!

Usually pasta sauce is made with tomatoes, but this blogger used strawberries instead. Photo: iStock

Netizens remained divided over the bizarre strawberry pasta. Some felt it was actually quite delicious. “This is one of the best things I’ve tasted in the past few days,” said one user while another wrote, “I’m going to do this tomorrow myself.” “Your creativity and every little detail you have in your videos is phenomenal,” wrote one user. Several others disagreed with the bizarre recipe. “Bhagwan Se Daro,” said one user while another wrote, “Oh no, this is one of the weirdest combos,” one user disapproved.

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