Best Waffle Makers 2022

If you prioritize the most important meal of the day, you know few options for breakfast other than delicious waffles with your choice of toppings. Sure, frozen waffles will do in a pinch, but you need a quality waffle maker to get that perfectly fluffy, crispy-on-the-outside finish at home. The absolute best thing to buy right now is the All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker, a stainless steel model that consistently produces perfect waffles. That being said, the right model for you ultimately depends on a number of personal factors: what type of waffle you like and how much you’re willing to spend, for example.

Some waffle makers produce thin, crisp waffles; specialty Belgian waffle makers, on the other hand, make thick, fluffy squares. It’s also worth considering how many waffles you typically make at a time, as well as any special features you may need. For example, if evenly browned sides are important to you, then you may want a flexible waffle maker. If precision is your top priority, choose a model with multiple blush options. Finally, if you’re short on storage space or are a home cook, opt for a larger model that lets you make paninis or pizzas with interchangeable plates.

Here are our picks for the best waffle makers. Whether you plan on making waffles every day or for special occasions, any of the models below will be a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Overall the best waffle maker ever

A sturdy and smooth model that delivers perfectly round waffles


If you’re looking for a traditional, reliable waffle maker, the All-Clad Classic Round model will last you for years to come. This sleek stainless steel model produces 6-inch round waffles with four easy-to-cut sections. Because this maker has advanced heating technology and seven browning levels, it also cooks and browns consistently and precisely. If you’re cooking for a crowd, you’ll appreciate the automated process—the machine will alert you when it’s time to pour the batter and when the waffles are ready. Once you’re done, you can expect easy cleanup thanks to the PFOA-free non-stick material.

Best budget waffle maker

A budget option that is easy to use and clean

Looking for a reliable budget alternative? Look for this Cuisinart model equipped with five browning levels so you can cook perfect waffles with precision. Like the more expensive All-Clad, the Cuisinart Waffle Maker has dual indicator lights that let you know when it’s done and when it’s ready to eat, and it’s easy to clean with a nonstick coating. Brushed stainless steel adds a sleek and modern look to the table, but if you want to remove it, the cord folds underneath for easy storage.

The best non-stick waffle maker

A high-end model with all the bells and whistles


This Breville model is a bit pricey, but for good reason: it always makes perfect waffles. In addition to its sleek, modern design and easy-to-read LCD display, the waffle maker cooks quickly and evenly thanks to a specially designed heating element, 12 browning levels and four batter settings. You also get thicker, softer waffles from Breville with extra deep pans. Just select the type of waffle you’re making and the desired brown color, and the maker will calculate the cooking time for you. Although the baking sheets are not washable, they are easy to clean because they are non-stick.

The ultimate flip waffle maker

A wide version that creates an evenly cooked top and bottom

Feeling hungry or serving a group of waffle lovers? Good luck to you. This Cuisinart model makes two pockets of Belgian waffles at once — and thanks to the rotation feature, they cook evenly on the top and bottom. Make sure your pair of restaurant-quality waffles are cooked to order by choosing from six browning settings, then wait for the LED ready indicator light and buzzer to let you know when your perfectly cooked, fluffy waffles are ready. Then you don’t need to spend unnecessary time wiping the waffle grids — the plates are not removable, but they are non-stick for very easy cleaning.

The best Belgian waffle maker

Non-stick model with deep pockets

This All-Clad waffle maker produces two Belgian waffles per baking, so it’s perfect whether you’re cooking for yourself or serving breakfast to a crowd. With seven browning level settings, it features advanced heating technology that ensures consistent cooking and browning for perfect Belgian-style waffles every time. It is also equipped with a steam system to create waffles that are crispy on the outside but deliciously fluffy on the inside. The pockets are very deep, so you can enjoy your waffles with any type of filling. The non-stick surface means cleanup is shorter and the iron also comes with a removable drip tray.

The best stove top waffle maker

A cast iron waffle maker that has been around for years

Whether you’re planning a camping trip or want to make waffles on a gas stove, the Rome Industries old-fashioned waffle iron is a good choice for a nostalgic feel. Both sides of the waffle iron come together with a hinge system to prevent tangles, and the cast iron allows for easy cleaning, even cooking, and a waffle iron that will last for years. The waffle maker makes one large waffle that can easily be cut into four pieces for sharing. Make sure you have oven mitts, as the handle can get as hot as an iron.

The best waffle maker for large parties

A great way to feed a crowd

If you’re serving the whole family or inviting people over for breakfast or brunch, you’ll want a waffle maker that’s large and easy to clean. This Dash Deluxe Waffle Maker does both – and that’s on top of producing deliciously crunchy yet fluffy Belgian waffles. This model heats up quickly and produces evenly cooked waffles with deep pockets for toppings everyone will love. Plus, a built-in pocket holds excess dough to prevent messes on your counter. After you’re done with the bag, you can easily wipe off the excess batter from the non-stick coating. In addition, the elegant and stylish design is sure to match the kitchen decor. If one of your guests isn’t up for waffles, you can also make cookie pizzas or hash browns in the waffle maker.

The best waffle maker with removable plates

An option that makes extra deep waffles and is easy to clean

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker with removable non-stick plates

This modern-looking waffle maker not only makes fluffy Belgian waffles to perfection, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Thanks to the adjustable dial, you can choose your perfect brown color, then wait for the indicator light to let you know when the waffle maker is ready to cook. The maker produces a very deep waffle, so it can be filled or topped with anything that sounds good. This model is especially useful for those who do not want to spend extra time on cleaning. The waffle maker is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, and the grids and drip tray are removable and dishwasher safe—no worries about sweeping up burnt bits after breakfast.