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What is the best lizard food and food?

From small anoles to iguanas, people keep lizard species of all shapes and sizes as pets. And since we now understand what lizards need to live a long, healthy life, manufacturers have created many more nutritious food and treat options for your cold-blooded companion.

A blend of whole vegetables and insects, Zilla Reptile Food Munchies Omnivore Mix provides great nutrition suitable for a range of lizard species.

What to know before you buy lizard food and treats

Learn about the normal diet of your lizard

In order to provide the best diet for your pet, you need to understand what they would normally consume in the wild.

  • Herbivorous lizards Eat plant matter exclusively. Iguanas enjoy eating a varied diet of leafy greens, vegetables and the occasional fruit treat.
  • Carnivorous lizardsThey, like the monitors, are carnivorous predators. Most lizards fall into this category, specifically insectivores that prey on insects and invertebrates. Geckos and chameleons are examples of insectivorous lizards.
  • omnivorous lizards; They require a diet that includes prey items and vegetables. Bearded dragons, for example, are carnivores.

Your pet’s home

Lizards cannot regulate their own body temperature and need ultraviolet radiation from the sun to synthesize vitamins. Indoor pet reptiles are completely dependent on their owners to provide them with adequate lighting in their habitat. Most reptiles do not have an appetite unless they have a healthy environment. Be sure to extensively research your lizard to create a home for your pet that will keep him healthy and hungry.

Competition between your pets

If you have more than one lizard in the tank, be aware that the most scattering of them may be preventing the other lizards from eating enough. If one of your pets is larger or more aggressive than the others, you should feed them all separately to make sure the little lizards are not hungry.

Live food is often the only option

Predatory lizards such as geckos rarely show interest in freeze-dried crickets or other dead prey items. In many cases, these animals like to hunt live insects. For this reason, these animals cannot be fed a prepared diet. However, you can still sprinkle the powder over their prey to provide them with additional nutrition.

What to look for in a quality lizard food and treats

Insect components

Insectivorous lizards need a diet rich in insect proteins. You can achieve this by choosing a food that is either pure prey, such as dried crickets or grasshoppers, or that has insect protein listed as the main ingredient.

Vegetable content for vegetarians

Both omnivorous and herbivorous lizards should be fed food with high-quality vegetable matter as the main ingredient. Look for ingredients like carrots, dandelion greens, and alfalfa.

High quality protein for carnivores

Monitors, skinks, and tegus lizards require a special meat diet. You can supplement live or fresh prey items with foods rich in complete protein, such as chicken.

texture and smell

While this will vary from one lizard’s preference to another, sometimes all it takes is a change in texture or smell to get your pet to eat prepared food. If your pet is not tempted by freeze-dried bugs and prefer not to handle live bugs, try a canned option. Canned insects provide an aroma and texture similar to live prey.

How much can you expect to spend on lizard food and treatment?

Depending on the size of the container and the ingredients, lizard food costs between $10 and $20. However, if you feed many lizards, you will end up saving money by buying in bulk.

Lizard food and treatment questions and answers

What if lizards did not eat all of their food?

a. You should remove uneaten food after a few hours to prevent any mess or bacterial growth in your pet’s habitat. Live food should be taken out immediately after feeding time to prevent crawling insects from disturbing your pet or breeding in his tank.

Can I feed my lizards “people food?”

a. Aside from vegetables and fruits, avoid feeding your pet any “people food”. They should only eat food specifically designed for their diet.

Can lizards be treated?

a. Unlike mammals and birds, reptiles do not usually value treats as a reward. However, the enrichment and stimulation they get from trying a new or rare food item is beneficial both nutritionally and physically.

What are the best types of lizard food and food to buy?

Best lizard food and treats


Zilla Reptile Food Munches Omnivor Mix

What you need to know: This blend is fortified with additional calcium to promote bone health.

What you will love: With ingredients like dried bok choy, peas, and crickets, this food has everything a carnivore needs to live happily. You can add water to this mixture to soften it.

What you should consider: Particularly picky eaters may refuse this food in favor of fresh options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best lizard food and treats for the money

Fluker’s Bearded Dragon Medley

What you need to know: This blend is great for insects or as a supplement to the diet of carnivores.

What you will love: Made with whole crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms, this mix contains no artificial ingredients. While marketed to bearded dragons, these snacks are great for any insectivorous lizard that eats prepared food.

What you should consider: This blend should complement a diet already rich in variety. It is not used as a staple food.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Panga fruit mix with crested gecko insects complete diet

What you need to know: These insects and fruits make up a complete diet for crested geckos and other fruit-eating lizards.

What you will love: Some of the fruits in the mix include bananas, apricots, papaya, and coconut. Insect meal is still a primary ingredient, so don’t worry about protein.

What you should consider: You cannot feed this to any lizards that do not eat fruit. Some people have found that mixed food has a strong odor.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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