Best burger places in Utah: where’s the best burger?

Finding the best burger can take some time.

Sometimes you may want a classic style burger that comes with your favorite simple toppings. Other times, you may want a more adventurous burger with a flavor profile you haven’t tried yet. Sometimes you want to go out for a burger, but you need a place where your vegetarian or vegan friend still has a choice.

Whatever the case, there’s a burger for everyone, and in Utah, there are some great options. Here is a list of some of the best burger spots in Utah.

Crown burger

Locations: Salt Lake City, Holladay, South Lake City, West Valley City and Sandy.

What you will get: Crown Burgers may be the most popular burger restaurant in Utah. One of the most popular menu items here is the eponymous Crown Burger, which is a burger topped with pastrami. If that’s not your speed, the cheeseburgers here are great. What makes Crown Burgers so good is that they are simple, consistent, and taste fresh (though burgers aren’t the healthiest option). They use soft sesame seed buns and, along with classic American cheese, make a great burger. The fry sauce here is some of the best, along with the fries, which are thick, crunchy and traditional.

Shadda burger

Locations: Salt Lake City.

What you will get: Chedda Burger has great cheese on their burgers. No, really, the cheese alone is of high quality and has a great flavor, which makes this place one of the best. One of my friends got the Schwinn, which was piled high with mushrooms, crispy onions and garlic mayonnaise – this burger was big and tasty. If you like classic burgers, the Bacon Chedda Burger is simple and has a great sauce. For sides, the fries are great, but chips could be better. This place has great and innovative burger options at an affordable price.

Chum Burger

Locations: Provo and American Fork.

What you will get: The Chum Burger reminds us of Shack Shack (now located in Utah). The veggie burger here uses Beyond Meat and tastes just like the other burgers in the restaurant, so it’s a great option for those who want a vegan option. The burgers here are creative and fuse western flavors throughout. The BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Garlic Burger, and CHOM Burger are some of the most popular menu items. If you are a fan of milkshakes, this is also a great place. Whether it’s strawberry cheesecake or salted caramel biscoff, the ice cream here is the star of the show.

Hire Big H.

Locations: Salt Lake City, Midvale and West Valley City.

What you will get: Hires Big H serves up the classic diner burger. The cakes are great – they look like ciabatta or something close to it. This is the place to go if you like meat-filled burgers with chili or bacon on top. Their fries are some of the best (especially if you like french fries), and there are a variety of vegetarian options as well. If you like dirty Diet Coke, they have that too.

Block Restaurant

Locations: Provo.

What you will get: Block Restaurant is a bit upscale – they source their ingredients locally and you get to taste them. The Block Burger comes on a brioche bun and is topped with cheddar, arugula, black garlic aioli, jalapeno jam and crispy shallots. Its unique appearance and amazing beef make it worth a visit. The appetizers here are also great – they’re seasonal, but the charcuterie and baked ricotta cheese are amazing.

Burger theory

Locations: George Street.

What you will get: Burger Theory has a Build Your Own Burger option, which allows for lots of different combinations of cheese and toppings. This build-your-own option makes this a great place if you’re dining out with friends who have different preferences. And if you’re not feeling fries, the house salad is a great side option.


Locations: Logan.

What you will get: Think of the classic diner burger when you come to Angie’s. They bill themselves as the restaurant “where the locals eat”, and that seems to be the case. The lines here could be longer, but for good reason. They make thick, juicy, char-grilled burgers accompanied by classic toppings and sides. This burger is great if you want a sit down burger with great sides. Stick to the ice cream sundaes, which are decadent and big enough to share with a couple of friends.

Supreme burger

Locations: Provo.

What you will get: Burger Supreme has a similar atmosphere to Burger Supreme. It’s a great place to go if you like classic burgers and fries that aren’t quite steak fries, but aren’t sparse either. If melting patties are more interesting to you than regular burgers, this is a great place to get your fix. The classic options here are the best and as always, get the frying sauce on your burger.

Dairy eagerness

Locations: Heber City.

What you will get: Dairy Keen is one of Heber’s most popular restaurants. First, the ice cream: Dairy Keen’s soft serve ice cream is creamy, light, and fluffy. Well-served ice cream is more popular in Utah, so this is a great option if you prefer served ice cream. The burgers here come with either American or Swiss cheese (sometimes both) and classic burger toppings. What makes these burgers especially great is the freshness of the meat and the crunchiness of the bacon. And if you don’t like french fries, tots are a great side option.