Ben & Jerry’s in Newport is now owned by Tyler Rosenberg of Portsmouth

NEWPORT – Tyler Rosenberg first started eating ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s the summer when he turned 14.

Fast forward a little over a decade, and he’s been franchising twice. The Portsmouth native recently purchased Ben and Jerry’s locations in the city – one at 359 Thames Street and the other at 33 Bannister Wharf.

“People are familiar with the name Ben & Jerry, but I don’t think most people realize that all franchises are individually owned,” said Rosenberg, who turns 27 next month. “They know you can get a pint at the store, but you can also go to the scoop store and get all these great options.”


After graduating from Portsmouth High School in 2013 and earning an art degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Rosenberg returned to the area and Ben & Jerry’s in a management position. He had to attend what the company calls “Scoop University,” where he met several people at the company’s end of the process.


That seed planted the seed in his head one day running his own Ben & Jerry store, and when the previous owner—who lives more than an hour away—offered a sale, Rosenberg jumped at the chance. He said there are still aspects of the ownership side, like sending quotes and keeping books, he’s still trying to learn.