Bega’s new range of vegan, dairy-free, plant-based cheddar cheese is launched at Coles

By Belinda Cleary for Daily Mail Australia

23:23 March 15, 2023, updated 23:27 March 15, 2023

  • Bega has launched a range of plant-based cheeses
  • Includes sliced ​​and shredded cheddar cheese

Bega has launched its first plant-based cheddar cheese, but the landmark product has caused a division among buyers.

The cheese hit supermarket shelves on Wednesday and by Thursday people were hailing it as ‘the best on the market’.

But the vegan-friendly cheese news has angered others, with many arguing it will make their trip to the dairy aisle “even more confusing.”

‘It’s not cheese, call it something else if it’s not dairy,’ complained one man after seeing the sliced ​​and grated gamma in the store.

Bega’s new dairy-free Cheddar cheese is part of the company’s plan to make its products more accessible to people who follow a plant-based diet.

Bega has launched a plant-based cheddar cheese option, ushering in the ever-popular dairy-free cheese market

Matt Gray, Bega Foods’ General Marketing Manager, said the company’s experience in the cheesemaking business puts them in the best possible position to make an attractive substitute.

“Bega’s range of plant-based cheeses have been sensory tested to create a smooth, creamy, cheese-like product that offers texture and flavor,” added the brand’s marketing manager, Niamh Farrell.

And it seems that buyers agree.

‘I just had my first piece. It definitely brought something new to the market with texture, meltability and a fruity/nutty/sour flavor complexity that the others don’t really have (the others seem very creamy/fatty in taste),” said one vegan shopper.

“I think it’s my new favorite,” they added.

And others bragged about how well the plant-based option seemed to melt, raving about those who hadn’t tried it yet.

“I think it has adequate (perhaps superior!) fusion for applications like toast, burgers, and pizza. It’s a sticky melt, but not oily at all when it melts,” said one.

Excited voices were drowned out by those complaining about the addition to the company’s range.

So far, there are two options in the company’s plant-based range: a sliced ​​cheddar and a shredded cheddar.

“If it’s plant-based, by definition it can’t be, and it’s not cheese,” said one man.

And others agreed: “It’s misleading advertising,” many said.

Others drew similarities to other products that made “going to the stores more confusing.”

“Anyone who has ever gone to buy jerky and come home with something that is a plant-based version of soy with soy sauce will agree with this. If it’s not dairy, don’t call it cheese,” said one man.

Some people who prefer plant-based foods were also torn by the ad.

The cheese actually melts, according to one customer, who says he became a contender for “his favorite” with the first slice.

“It’s easy to choose a plant-based cheese from a vegan supplier over Bega,” said one woman.

Before you add, you wrestle with the idea of ​​’buying vegan fast food from non-vegan food chains’.

The cheese is available in Coles stores across Australia.