Beekman Ale House Makes Beer and Bar Pies in Sleepy Hollow

The front of the Beekman Ale House. Andrew Dominick’s photo.

The Beekman Ale House in Sleepy Hollow offers delicious bar pizza, 20 beers on tap and much more.

Patrick and Luke Sheeran will tell you they had zero culinary experience before opening Beekman Ale House in Sleepy Hollow, where they have served as the star of their craft beer, cocktails and small menu for nearly a year and a half. : 12-inch stick pizzas.

Despite the Sheeran Brothers’ shortcomings in culinary skills, they brought with them a wealth of knowledge in the hospitality industry. In fact, they literally grew up working in bars.

“My father had more than 30 jobs in his lifetime and was in the industry for about 60 years,” Luke recalls. “We grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, and as teenagers, we used to take the train to New York to work for him. We’ve both worked in our father’s bars since we were 13. Most of them had no kitchens and no catering.”


Their father, the late David Sheeran, showed them the ropes as their son continued cleaning, tables, washing dishes, and when they won their lines, Luke and Pat eventually headed to the bar at their establishment, which included Dave’s Tavern, a popular Irish pub. 42nd and 9pearl.

Take all of that, and it’s no wonder the Sheerans want to open a bar of their own someday.

Beekman Ale House owners. Damion Patrignelli’s photo.

Their first idea was to open a place in the city. They walked away as it didn’t seem like a good idea when the pandemic hit. But it was Luke who found a Craigslist ad for a bar area on Beekman Street that previously housed The Huddle.

“I hadn’t even been to Sleepy Hollow before but I knew about Westchester because my dad lived in Mount Vernon and me and Pat went to Manhattan College in the Bronx,” Luke says. “When we first checked out the place, my brother loved it. I didn’t. But in the end it turned out to be perfect for what we wanted to do.”

What they wanted to do was pizza. And why it wasn’t complicated. “Everybody eats pizza, so it makes sense,” Luke says. “You see pizza boxes everywhere. Bar pies are popular.”

If you’re familiar with where the duo grew up, it’s easy to guess where some of the bar cake idea came from. Fairfield was the home of the second Colony Grill, which originated in Stamford and became famous for its bar pies and bar pies drizzled with chili oil, aka hot oil. “We grew up eating colonies,” Luke says. “They are the 100% inspiration for our pizza. We’re still going to the Colony, especially if we’re watching a show at The Capitol Theatre.”


Hot oil with pepperoni pizza. Andrew Dominick’s photo.

The only problem now was learning how to make pizza. Fortunately, Luke and Pat have two older half-brothers, one of whom is Dave, who actually owns a New York-style slice shop in Whitefish, Montana.

“Dave is older than us; He’s 57, tattooed, and has a very New York vibe,” Luke explains. “We asked him to show us how to make pizza, so I went there and worked in the pizza shop.”

While working at Paisano’s 2 at Whitefishnd Street Pizza, Luke did the dishes, made deliveries, and even worked the evenings at another restaurant across the street, learning the ins and outs of pizza. Pat would then fly off to attend what Luke calls a six-week crash course in pizza making.

Now their brother’s knowledge of pizza has been passed down from generation to generation, and after a major project of ripping out everything in their Sleepy Hollow area and building themselves a brand new bar, they were ready to rock their bar pies using cold leavened New York-style dough. overnight, it is stretched into a 12-inch skillet, then baked at a “hot as it goes” temperature in a double-deck gas oven.

Conclusion? Thin dough, cheese to crust, burnt edges, well done and crispy with a little chew. By the stick pie definition, they nailed it.

Beekman Ale House

Beekman Ale House. Andrew Dominick’s photo.

And of course, they make their own hot fat using Fresno chilis, an ideal bar pie, especially when paired with sausage or pepperoni, but you do. Or you can choose one of Luke and Pat’s dream pizza combinations. Hot Honey is a white pie with Franks Red Hot, chicken cutlet, Fresno peppers and Mike’s Hot Honey; Roasted Vegetable stuffed with red sauce, mozzarella, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts; plus they have BBQ and buffalo chicken pizzas.


Pizza of the week: basil cream, sausage, garlic and red onion. Andrew Dominick’s photo.

Also to watch for in Beekman’s bar pies are the weekly specials that include the likes of the Bronx Bomber (pepper, sausage, mushroom, garlic, jalapeños); potato pizza (white pie with bacon and green onions); Spinach Artichoke White Pie; and they’re not afraid to take a more “confused” approach with their basil cream, sausage, garlic and red onion pizza.

Next to the pies, the menu includes salads, wings, fried mozzarella, the lightest garlic knots you’ll ever have, and large meatballs: a mix of beef and sausage that’s deep-fried and then finished in the oven. thick, spicy, bright red marinara sauce. For dessert, their mother makes tiramisu, which is consumed as soon as it is found.


Beekman Ale House patties. Andrew Dominick’s photo.

Garlic Knots

Beekman Ale House garlic knots. Andrew Dominick’s photo.

The “House of Ale” part of Beekman is also solid. There are 20 mostly New York craft beers from Equilibrium, Thin Man, Grimm and Industrial Arts; plus Hill Farmstead, Foam and Maine Beer Co. comes out regularly. If beer isn’t your thing, Luke makes a pretty good cocktail as you’d expect (there are nine specialty drinks on offer).


Beekman Ale House beer. Andrew Dominick’s photo.

Pat and Luke are excited for the spooky season of Sleepy Hollow, as they predict it will be busier than last year and look forward to serving pizza and beer to new faces.

“Our first planting was so busy that we slept in the upstairs apartment all month but never really had a grand opening,” Luke says. “Our health ministry certificate arrived in the mail on Thursday. The next day we quietly opened the doors. We get a lot of local and foot traffic as everyone walks here. Mostly we know everyone who comes. Fridays are packed because I guess it’s pizza night.”

It’s pizza night every night if you want. Get a pair at Beekman Ale House during the Halloween season and every season.

Beekman Ale House
92 Beekman Ave, Sleepy Hollow; 845,827.3505

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