Beck Squad Season 2 has arrived; And netizens are loving the desserts and energy

The best thing about all OTT platforms is that their marketing teams always work hard to churn out anything and everything that people are likely to be interested in. With entertainment headlined, cookery fans can find something to interest them too.
Beck Squad fans who miss the show from 2021 were in for a pleasant surprise when season 2 premiered last week on January 20 on Netflix. The show is rated 6.9/10 on IMDb and has received an impressive 10/10 rating from enthusiastic bakers. The eight-episode show follows a group of four bakers who have to personally create a dream desert as a special treat for a customer. The first season got everyone excited and the second season is even better. The first episode is about baking a perfect cake for 13-year-old Josh, who is about to have his Bar Mitzvah.
MrazovaBarbora summed up the spirit of the show with a simple comment and a rating of 8/10: “…it’s not the best baking show but it’s the best. I mean seeing them helping and supporting each other See. I just love the energy….”

That’s what food should do – it should be a celebration and bring people together to share and enjoy the feast. In this show, the contestants support each other and come up with the best they can, although they are baking their own cakes for the competition. Nexbrewers awards the show a Perfect 10 and comments, “It’s a competition, but not really… They’re competing, but helping each other to stop the work they’re doing.” Ready.”

It is nice to see shows where there is no cut-throat competition and where the contestants support each other and have fun together. As the Beck Squad Season 2 trailer says: “The team is on a mission to spread a little cheer to big events.”
Of course, scores of 1 and 2/10 pop up every now and then. But if you read the content, it’s usually a personal comment against one of the participants. Well, one cannot please everyone.

The contest is simple, more about sharing, fun and games. It stars four bakers, chosen by pastry chef Christina Tosi, who battle it out to see whose dessert will be chosen for the client’s extra-special big day.
@MashedHQ tweeted: “Season 2 brings even more of what we’ve loved about Beck Squad. It feels like a true homecoming.”

If you live on your own and love to potter in the kitchen or cook special dishes for your family, then this show is for you. You’ll learn, and have fun along the way.