At Quimper, La Roulotte de Sillery, the food cart smells of forgiveness – Quimper

Hungry stomachs crowded on Tuesday, March 14 at 12:30 PM in front of the EA Sillery’s Cuzon location in Quimper. A delicious aroma of fried onions and grilled meat wafts from La Roulotte de Sillery, the mod company’s all-in-one food truck. “Today, this opening is the embodiment of a project we’ve worked on for nearly a year,” announces Letitia Cobbett, Vice Principal at EA Sillery, with a full smile. This modified company has everything a traditional company has except that it has 80% people with disabilities among its employees. Its main activities? Packaging.

The area lacks a place to eat

The idea of ​​starting a food truck started from noticing that there was no place to eat in the Cozon area. The employees of the modified company and the employees of neighboring Esat, that is, about sixty people, do not have a canteen or self-service.” So the project was implemented step by step. The Franco-British Sillery Foundation, which bought the modified company in 2015, financed the purchase and equipment of the food truck, with an amount of 130 thousand After that, a call for applications was launched to find a cook. It was Christophe Maget, a restaurateur well known to the Daurunnenest, who got the job. This cook was at the helm of two restaurants in the city of Ben Sardines. Says the chef, who has at least 40 years of experience “I love challenges and I also like the idea of ​​working with people with disabilities.”

The food cart slid on its menu a message of tolerance in favor of workers with disabilities. Data to which customers are sensitive. (The Telegram/Johann Bouchet)

Sensitive and tolerant customers

On the food cart, Christophe Maget can count on the assistance of head chef Yan Le Page. This disabled worker has been employed by EA Sillery for two years. “Since February 28, opening day, we’ve had up to 45 customers at lunchtime,” says the chef, full of enthusiasm. Clients who are also sensitive to having a worker with a disability. They are very forgiving. “They understand that we don’t necessarily go at the same speed as others,” adds Christophe, who shows remarkable patience and kindness with his writer.

Burgers, pennies, poke bowl…

For the cuisine, La Roulotte de Sillery relies on fresh and local ingredients. Partner producers have been carefully selected: Miss Begood (Landudec), Ferme de Kerguerbé (Guengat), beef from Kerviziou (Guengat), poultry from Bruyère blanche (Landrévarzec), etc. On the menu: burgers, fries, penne, Coke Ball, sandwiches, desserts and drinks. Proven Values ​​to See Customers Enjoy! EA Sillery doesn’t intend to stop there with its food truck. “We will recruit two more people with disabilities to manage La Roulotte’s evenings, weekends and during events,” confirms Laetitia Caubet. Finally, the deputy director specifies that the modding company is always looking for new subcontracts.


La Roulotte de Sillery Gardens on Mondays, Holland District, in Briec; Tuesday, near Cerfrance, Cozon District; on Wednesdays, near Leroy Merlin; Thursday, in the parking lot of Kerlic’s clinic, in Quimper; Fri Kerdroniou area near Armor Lux. 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Call 06 65 47 38 72.

In attendance were Leticia Cobbet, Deputy Director at EA Sillery, Jean-Christophe Brohis, Director of the Franco-British Foundation for Sillery, and Geoffrey Cardozo, President of the Foundation.
Laetitia Caubet, director adjointe of EA Sillery, Jean-Christophe Prouhèze, director of the Franco-British Fondation of Sillery, and Geoffrey Cardozo, president of the Fondation, étaient presenters for the inauguration of La Roulotte de Sillery, the food truck financé by Enterprise. (The Telegram/Johann Bouchet)