Aromas of India is known as the rustic flavors of authentic Indian cuisine


Released on January 23, 2023

A land of diversity, India is known for its people, colour, festivals and food. The land of exotic spices, where the food varies with changing landscapes. Aromas of India is a ‘Theme Restaurant’ and our theme is ‘Ultimate Customer Satisfaction’.


Aromas of India, also known as by its esteemed customers, brings to life the rustic flavors of Indian cuisine, traditionally famed for its hearty “tandoori” dishes and exotic curries. It is a true food lover’s paradise dedicated to serving authentic and finest Indian cuisine. The fresh dishes, cooked in flavored spices and emitting an appetizing smoke, will draw your attention. The exclusive selection of vegetarian dishes complements the menu and gives it the hallmark of authentic Indian cuisine.

making ingredients by hand. Many people who are new to Indian cooking think it’s all about spices and fire. But that’s not true. It’s not all chili, it’s cumin, cinnamon, cardamom; fragrant spices, strong, peppery. And they are used carefully and thoughtfully. Each has its own aroma and gives a dish its own character. Aromas of India is committed to sourcing spices not only organically but also ethically with no sweeteners and other fillers. This commitment to customer service and serving quality food earns Aromas of India a 5-star rating from Trip Advisor

High Tea: Famed for its delectable dishes, Aroma of India also offers a popular high tea, considered one of the best in Singapore.

Private Events: No event is too big or too small for Aromas of India. Catering for the wide range, such as B. cozy dinners for a family of 10 or more or organizing a lavish cocktail party.

Corporate Events: Aromas knows what it takes to make an event a huge success. Careful elaboration of all the details needed to manage the event, from preparing for the arrival of the guests, planning and attending to the customers with care and concern, to the cordial departure.

Destination Event: The food shapes the impression and ambience of the entire event. Aroma’s handles and manages the event with thorough planning and within budget to meet all expectations. Careful planning in advance along with the host’s preferences of menu items, portion sizes, destination time and schedule planning, logistical arrangements, budget planning are part of the preparation for the destination event.

Aromas of India Menu: Check out the Aromas of India menu and discover the popular dishes that people are craving! From appetizers to something sweet, take a look at what’s on offer when you reserve a table at Aromas of India. One can even check the prices so he/she knows what to expect besides the flavors. Browse Aromas of India’s menu highlights and when your mouth waters, you’ll be ready for the taste action. Check out Aroma’s YouTube social here.

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