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The 10 must-follow tips to make your World Cup house party a memorable one – whatever the outcome!

The first step in hosting any World Cup house party is choosing which lucky game will be the focus.


Fortunately, the ‘luck of a draw’ from England’s perspective has materialized, with the second Group B match set to take place on Friday night! The England vs USA match will kick off on Friday 25 November at 7pm.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the party being a failure or any awkward silences, if you follow this handy 10-step guide from the creators of National Pizza Week (Pizza, Pasta, and Italian Foods Association) and U.S. Foods, one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerated pizza in the United States. UK, which covers the full range, from 6-inch snacks to 12-inch premium wood-fired products.

And with pizza emerging in a recent poll as the top choice among Instagram users with 43 percent of the vote, according to a survey by White Rabbit, and the number one choice among football fans – it’s really time to have a great party.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate the party with fancy food ideas, fancy invitations, or try to make it go hours before kick-off. Simple is best, so grab your phone, set up a WhatsApp group and have guests arrive an hour before kick-off so they can meet up and grab a nice slice and beer before the coverage starts on the big screen at 6pm!
  2. When it comes to food for a house party, there is only one option, everyone loves pizza! To cover all tastes, we suggest sticking with the nation’s favorite toppings, pepperoni, chicken pizza, a classic margarita option and a vegetarian option—it’s easy to make sure there’s something for everyone. — plus throw in something more exotic like Hawaiian for adventure. The pizza is easy to cook and there is not a lot to do after that. If people ask to bring something, a few cans of cold beer are the perfect accompaniment to a great pizza.
  3. Keep any decorations simple, a few small details make a big difference and keeping them on a theme is even better. A couple of England flags or bunting is all you need to make guests see you’ve gone that extra mile.
  4. When it comes to party games, the classics are the simplest, easiest to prepare and keep the party spirit going. Grab a few plastic cups and a couple of ping pong balls, download Head’s Up from the App Store or make sure you finish your favorite breakfast cereal, ready to play a game of cereal.
  5. With football and beer involved, there will likely be a number of “she’s coming home” renditions during football, and as a host, you don’t want to be the one mumbling the words or just joining the chorus. Luckily, our friends at TalkSport have this easy word division.
  6. Beer + football + music = noise! A polite note through the neighbors’ door or nibbling on a bottle of wine to warn them is always a good idea. If you’re feeling around, you can even invite them to join the party!
  7. The success of a party often hinges on the food and beer, with pizza you have food covered and when it comes to beer a selection of pale ales, lagers and one bottle of spirits must be covered, for ale beer it’s all get everyone on the dance floor long into the night or morning.
  8. While football is the main event and will keep everyone busy until at least 10pm, the ‘after party’ will only kick in when the music starts. To save any last-minute searching or sneaking some awkward tracks, curate your own playlists before the party or you can cheat a little by playing a playlist someone has already created, like this one with 70 songs and over 4 hours of music.
  9. If you really want to impress your friends, a quick update of your football knowledge, especially England opponents in the USA, can make you stand out as a host.
  10. Perhaps the most important point to follow, once your guests have arrived – enjoy the party! Guests come to see you and watch football. You can’t control the soccer score, but you can control yourself. Don’t worry about being the perfect host, just relax, enjoy the game and have some drinks. The World Cup is only held every four years – enjoy it!
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