Arby’s introduces the Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich for a limited time

Arby’s welcomes 2023 with a fresh take on its menu. The Georgia-based fast food chain is making celebrations more fun with the introduction of its new Steakhouse Garlic Rib-Eye sandwich. Loaded with the goodness of marinated steak, the delicious sandwich will be available nationwide for a very limited time.

Available at all participating locations beginning January 23, the new sandwich can be enjoyed for a suggested price of $7.29. Orders for the Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich can be placed at your nearest Arby’s store or through the chain’s app or website for pickup and delivery.

The Steakhouse Garlic Rib-Eye Sandwich will be available for a limited time (image via Arby &[رسقوو];  s)ADVERTISEMENT

The fast food chain has not hinted when the new sandwich will be available, so customers who want to try it are advised to order it as soon as possible.

Everything you need to know about Arby’s Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich

Steak lovers will love hearing their favorite meat take over Arby’s menu once again with the introduction of the new Steakhouse Garlic Rib-Eye Sandwich. Available for a limited time, the new sandwich offers a hearty snacking experience for loyal steak lovers.

The Steakhouse Garlic Rib-Eye Sandwich comes with thinly sliced ​​rib-eye steak, crispy onion, melted Swiss cheese, and garlic aioli, all sandwiched between our signature toasted rolls. The steak used in the sandwich has smoky flavors and is seasoned with black pepper, salt, thyme, and garlic. Customers can enjoy the Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich for a suggested price of $7.29.

The new Steakhouse Garlic Rib-Eye Sandwich (Image via Arby &[رسقوو];  s)
serving weight 215 gr
Calories 630 calories
Calories from fat 340 calories
total fat 38 grams
Saturated fat 14 grams
sodium 1070 milligrams
sugar 6 grams
carbohydrates 41 grams
protein 29 grams

The above values ​​are derived based on the regular Steakhouse Garlic Rib-Eye Sandwich. It should be noted that preparing a meal or customizing the sandwich in any way can greatly affect the nutritional value of the sandwich.

Founded by Forrest Raffel and Leroy Raffel on July 23, 1964, Arby’s is an American fast food restaurant chain with restaurants in more than 3,472 locations worldwide. The fast food chain is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia and is ranked as the second largest sandwich chain in America (2017). The fast food chain is owned by Inspire Brands, along with its sister chain, Buffalo Wild Wings.

The fast food chain offers a wide selection of roast beef, beef, cheddar, and Greek gyros, french fries and crackers, desserts, quick snacks, drinks, and much more. Arby’s also engages in the gourmet food business with ready-to-cook frozen French fries and sauces available in grocery stores across the United States.

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