Angel Yeast Bakery China Launches Premium Dry Yeast to Meet Changing Global Baking Needs in 2022

-->SHANGHAI — Angel’s Yeast(SH600298), the world’s leading yeast producer, announced at Bakery China 2022, the largest global event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market, it has developed its newest dry yeast product, Premium Dry Yeast, to address many of today’s baking challenges. .

These innovative yeasts meet the bakery industry’s latest requirements for stability, convenience and overall adaptability, and Angel Yeast is committed to consistently delivering higher quality products to help the industry grow and evolve.

With yeast’s widespread use in a variety of cooking applications, yeast producers face the objective challenge of creating formulations that meet the needs of changing environments, the culinary traditions of each region, and the expectations of different consumers. Premium Dry Yeast, the newest dry yeast developed by Angel, responds to the industry’s latest requirements for bakery products.

The innovative benefits of Premium Dry Yeast include:

  • High sugar yeast resistant to high osmotic pressure and weak organic acidsSome traditional French croissants and brioche, as well as Italian panettone, have a high sugar and fat content, and excess fat or sugar can affect yeast fermentation. Large-scale food manufacturers need to extend the shelf life of their bread and bakery products, so to meet this need they need yeasts that are resistant to weak organic acids. Angel Yeast’s new Premium high sugar dry yeast is resistant to high sugar, high salt content and weak organic acids, meeting this challenge and providing fast, high quality fermentation.

  • Resistance to cold shock

    Bakers in tropical climates have to deal with high temperatures and harsh production environments. They need to add ice to control the dough temperature and avoid too fast yeast fermentation. Angel Yeast’s new high and low sugar yeasts are cold shock resistant, meaning they still allow for standard fermentation, which is critical in recipes that require the addition of ice and cold water despite significantly lower temperatures.

  • Well adapted and easy to use

    Tough production conditions are another challenge for bakers worldwide. As a result, both large-scale bakeries and home bakeries seek high-quality, easy-to-use materials to maximize the overall appeal of their finished products. The launch of this new and innovative yeast is a testament to Angel Yeast’s commitment to improving the quality and adaptability of dry yeast, even when dealing with poor flour quality, in the absence of specialized equipment such as fermenters and mixers.

The research and development (R&D) process of Angel Yeast’s premium dry yeast varieties has been extensive and responsive. Experimental stages are designed for each application scenario, including high and low temperature environments and different formulations. The formulations are then adjusted to improve the performance of the yeast based on the test results.

High-sugar yeast is designed for bakery products that require recipes containing 5-30% sugar, while low-sugar yeast is suitable for bakery products made with recipes containing 0-12% sugar. The new low-sugar variety of Angel Yeast is more sugar-tolerant, suitable not only for low-sugar bread recipes, but also for fermenting high-sugar formulations.

Yeast producers select high-quality yeast strains from around the world and grow them in a variety of extreme environments, using techniques such as adjusting physiological parameters to produce yeasts that can tolerate different environments. One species comes from the Himalayan region and is resistant to cold water, the second species is resistant to heat and high temperatures, a third species, originating from high altitude, low oxygen location, has a strong natural growth capacity and adaptability.

In addition, the water content of both yeast varieties is not more than 5%, which means a longer shelf life of 24 months in a cool, dry place under normal storage conditions. Quality, safety and customer value are at the heart of Angel Yeast’s culture and approach to yeast fermentation and development, and Angel Yeast’s new premium dry yeast offers a much-needed solution to today’s global baking challenges and consumer expectations.