Anabel’s Market: Not Your Typical Market

On February 15, 2023, Anabel’s Grocery opened for the first time this year. A student-run, nonprofit, Anabel’s focuses not only on providing affordable food to Cornellians, but also on building a community around food justice. Undergraduates taking or graduating from AEM 3385 are continually planning events and launching initiatives that benefit clients. From collaborations with downtown charities to cooking classes, unlike your typical grocery store, there’s always more going on here beyond food sales, making Anabel’s a unique on-campus social enterprise. With multiple projects in progress, we can look forward to what staff are working on for the remainder of this period.

In the first month of opening, many successes have already been celebrated at Anabel’s. On March 5, the Collaborative Education committee held Toast-A-Thon, a community brunch with Prisoner Express at the Durland Alternatives Library. Prisoner Express is an organization that instills hope in detainees with its poetry, painting and writing programs. Attendees sent letters and book packages to the needy while enjoying bread provided by Wide Awake, a local Ithaca bakery focused on sustainability and community empowerment.

Another very recent event hosted by Anabel’s staff was a cooking demonstration on Saturday, March 11 at noon. Held at 660 Stewart Avenue, staff taught attendees how to prepare a vegetable lentil coconut curry using only store-bought ingredients. More free demos can be expected in the future. RSVP links to these events were posted on Anabel’s Instagram page.