Amish Lovina’s Kitchen: Daughter Verena Shares Stories from Living Alone | food


Hello readers! This is Lovina Verena’s daughter writing. It is currently 4:15 PM on Wednesday, March 1st.

I spent two months living on my own. So far, everything is going well for me, and I don’t mind being alone. I come home a lot, and I also visit my sisters a lot. I always have something to do because I do a lot of babysitting. I sure enjoy doing that!
One day last month, my sister Elizabeth and my mother came to help me get my house ready. It’s even more empty than Susan was when she lived here. I like it more spacious so I have more space for my mobility scooter. I didn’t realize how much stuff I had until I started looking at everything. I still have a few handbags full of things to go through.

Last Wednesday, my brother Kevin Cane stay overnight. I’m sure his company had fun! We’re both a little afraid of stink bugs, so we definitely had an adventure trying to kill one. I have two little balls in my house that the kids always play with when they come over – Kevin had one and I had the other, and we’d throw it at the stink bug until I finally got it. Our second task was to find them, because they have a way of disappearing after they’ve fallen. Kevin ended up staying overnight again Thursday night.

On Friday morning, Sister Susan dropped Jennifer and Isaiah up with me. She and Ervin, along with their two sons, Ryan and Curtis, went to Ervin’s dad and mom for the night, with only room for two kids to pick up. Caitlin came to my place after school.

Kevin left Friday night, so it was just me and the three kids. I made a little tea party for them – I made this one tonight for Abigail and Jennifer when they had an overnight stay. They always seem to have a lot of fun with her. They seem to eat a lot this way, too.

I always find their conversation very funny! One night when I had a few kids, they were all sitting on top of the water vent. I told them not to dump any of their water in there because it might start a fire. It wasn’t, but I just wanted to keep them from dumping water in there. TJ accidentally threw a little bit of his in there and it made a really loud noise because it hit the stove. Jennifer jumped up really fast and ran away from him as fast as she could and said, “I can hear the smoke!” Then Abigail tells her, “Jenny, you can’t actually hear the smoke but you can smell it.” Ha, it was cute!

Caitlin and Jennifer were telling Abigail that tea is the same thing as coffee, and Abigail said no, tea and coffee are different. So Abigail wanted to know who was right, so she came to ask me, and I told her they were two different things. Abigail was very happy to let them know she was right. haha!

Last night, Tim and Elizabeth brought dinner to my place. Ervin and Susan end up coming too. Elizabeth made chili soup and garlic cheese bread. Susan made candy. I didn’t make anything but put some chips in. Then I had ice cream afterwards. That was fun!

All the kids picked up my toys before they left last night. Once Alison saw they were picking up toys, she told me she didn’t feel good. I kind of knew that trick, because I remember playing it a few times when I was younger. haha!

You all take care, and God bless you!

Old popcorn balls

2 m granulated sugar

1 1/2 m water

1/2 ton. salt

1/2 cup light corn syrup

1 t. vinegar

1 teaspoon vanilla

5 qt. popping corn

Butter sides of a saucepan. In it, mix sugar, water, salt, syrup and vinegar. Cook to hard ball stage (250 degrees). Add vanilla. Slowly pour over the popped corn in a large bowl, stirring to mix well. Light hand butter. shape balls. Lay down on a flat surface to cool off. Makes 15 to 20 balls.

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