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We’re usually in such a hurry during the week that breakfast tends to be something to eat quickly or on the go, and it’s usually not that exciting. That’s why we heavily gravitate towards brunch on the weekends. We love how flexible the term “brunch” is. You could be eating a fritatta or hamburger, drinking coffee or mimosa, and you know the carbs at brunch will be good. From stuffed toast to quick breads that look more like cakes, it’s one of our favorite parts of a good brunch, and Alex Guarnaschelli shared a quick bread recipe that we think will be a big hit at our next brunch. A moist, rich chocolate chip loaf cake covered in chocolate icing and weekend brunch is the perfect time to share this decadent treat with loved ones.


The recipe was given to its author, Guarnaschelli. Cook With Me: 150 Recipes for the Home Cook, by her mother, a famous cookbook editor. The cake is rich and moist, thanks to the addition of sour cream to the dough, and loaded with a cup of chocolate chips (we think it would be yummy with toasted walnuts added, too).

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Cook With Me: 150 Recipes for the Home Cook by Alex Guarnaschelli $26.99

Icing is also not something to be underestimated. Yes, adding chocolate icing to a cake that looks like a quick loaf of bread for brunch can be controversial, but it looks so shiny, thick, and chocolaty that it’s hard to resist. Better? The secret ingredient in the glaze is sour cream, which adds a creamy flavor to every bite and helps balance the sweetness of the chocolate.

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Guarnaschelli jokes that the recipe serves “6-8-10” people, because it’s so delicious that you might be surprised how quickly it is devoured by even a few. It makes a great accompaniment to a cup of strong coffee and can more than stand up to most desserts, especially if paired with whipped cream. Either way, anyone you’ve shared Guarnaschelli’s chocolate chip cake with will be impressed by Iron Chef’s culinary legacy. Find the recipe on Instagram.

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