Alcohol and bad decisions are on the table at the Rockwall Tavern

When you think of going to a bar, drinking alcohol is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But there is also socialization, communication, fatty foods, music, dancing and other fun aspects that draw us to a pub. The only downside is the hangover that is sure to come the next day. That, and the possibility of drink driving, among other bad decisions.Many brands, even some homegrown ones, like Beyond Booze Beverage Co. , is now celebrating Dry January all year long with AF (Alcohol Free) drinks. Participating in a sober nightlife has become almost more of a trend and movement, and it has made us rethink why aspects of society need to go to bars to drink alcohol or deal with drunk people.

Married couple Bria and Corey Griffiths of Dalrock’s nutrition spot Roulette have taken their commitment to health a step further, creating a new kind of bar scene. They hold parties centered around health, education and society.

Kind of like cheers“You can go in and someone will know your name,” says Priya Griffiths. “We will remember you, we will know you are new, and we will welcome you into the family. It will be a real inviting space.”

The Nutrition Spot bar provides a place for the community to connect and socialize with like-minded people over healthy indulgences from HerbaLife and AF drinks like sparkling apple cider.

“The bar exists to create a hangout community,” says Priya. “A place where you can relax and enjoy your drink, sure like a ‘bar’, but you know what’s in it and you’ll still be on the right track when you get out.”

Like all bars, The Nutrition Spot has regulars who call themselves the “Morning Crew”. Among the Morning Crew, the most popular thread, other than health-seeking individuals, is moms – stay at home, single moms, entrepreneurial moms, empty nesters and new moms.

“Because of birth, your bodies change, so you try to find yourself again,” says Brie of the regular partying. “And so you are looking for that tribe that is trying to do the same thing.”

This is what got Brie into the world of nutrition in the first place. She had struggled to get back to a healthy weight after giving birth to twins, which led to the discovery that she had diabetes. She has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s in sports management, and her husband is a Korean former college athlete, so she used to keep fit, but her understanding of nutrition came later.

“I was trying to lose weight, and it really fizzled out and I wasn’t able to progress with the results,” says Priya. “So I went to a bar like mine and put together a meal plan and managed to get away from going over the diabetic numbers and that spoke a lot for me because I didn’t want to be that person who needed insulin, so I took control of it in terms of nutrition.”

“One big thing about our pub is that we leave politics and religion out of everything. We talk about health, exercise, and current events, from Beyoncé to LeBron…” – Priya Griffiths

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Priya’s success with her body and health after discovering a new world of knowledge involving nutrition sparked a greater interest focused on teaching others.

“Through the process, I was able to get my nutrition certification, but a huge part of my journey came from being totally immersed in helping people,” she says, “and the passion for helping others achieve their goals along the way was so amazing to me.”

Realizing the benefit nutrition brought to those who visited her bar, Priya began bringing together other sides of the community into the Nutrition Spot bar scene, constantly playing music, throwing education-based mixers and hosting themed parties for their regulars and others looking for a night out, without All the alcohol and potential drama involved in a typical nightlife scene.

“Our big thing is that we always focus our party around nutrition,” she says. “So how can we learn and grow? Did you know you can make food like this? Like a Super Bowl party, we had a fruit tray in a different way to make healthy dips. So you leave with a recipe you can share with others that won’t undermine your healthy progress.”

Some of the couple’s other parties included making New Year’s vision boards and a Galentine’s party with games focused on self-love. Clothing usually changes depending on the subject. And while the main focus of this bar may be different than your regular one, there are still goals and guidelines much like any bar. Ditch the alcohol, and everything seems to work better.

“When we have parties, we want people to relax, socialize, and connect with strangers,” says Priya. “One big thing about our bar is that we leave politics and religion out of everything. We talk about health, sports, current events, from Beyoncé to LeBron, all that, but we keep politics and religion out. Because we all want to be friends in a loving way. We’re just trying Knowing how to lose weight, gain energy, or stay on track to live as long as possible.”