After ‘The Great British Bake Off’, Freya Cox is taking vegan cake to a new location

British baker Freya Cox, the first vegan to participate Great British Bake Off— has partnered with historic Castle Howard in Yorkshire, England, to offer seasonal vegan cakes.

The first cake launched this month is the Mini Schwarzwald Gateau, a typical cherry topping on chocolate cake, buttercream and cherry jam. Cox created a cake to celebrate his Veganuary. Available at Castle Howard’s Coffee Shop and Courtyard Cafe.

“We are off to a strong start for Veganuary with one of my favorite baked goods, the Mini Schwarzwald Gateaux,” Cox recently announced on Instagram. “This cake is so delicious. I’m sure he can eat four at a time. Locals should go and try it.”

“This is a very exciting project and I am really proud to be a part of it,” added Cox. “I love Yorkshire and can’t wait to see people enjoying it.”

Cox plans to create three more cakes later this year, working with Castle Howard Executive Chef Nathan Richardson Kelly. “Here at Castle Howard, we love celebrating delicious, sustainable and local ingredients, and we are very excited to be working with Freya to expand our vegan offerings,” said Castle Howard Food and Beverage Director. Director Luke Butler said. Yorkshire Post.

Castle Howard

“The Mini Black Forest Gateau is a lovely January indulgence.

The Great British Bake Off Goes Vegan

To keep up with the growing interest in veganism, The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) launched its first Vegan Week in 2018. During the week, each of the three challenges stripped the baker participants of the staple of animal products and forced them to think like vegans.

for get itIn its 12th season in 2021, Cox became the first vegan contestant to appear on the show. However, despite her purpose of showcasing vegan baking, she ultimately had to use animal products due to technical challenges, leading to recipes such as malt loaf, jammy biscuits and ciabatta breadsticks. The same ingredients were provided to each bakery for this purpose.


The Great British Bake Off

“With the hope of getting people to try vegan baking, I was desperate to show them that vegan baking can be just as exciting,” Cox said on Instagram at the time. For some reason I couldn’t change the technical challenge because it would mean the whole show would be unfair…but I have plans to veganize the recipes for you all once the show is over, so I hope this makes up for it.”

Cox kept his promise to bring vegan baking recipes to the masses when he published his first vegan cookbook. simply vegan bakingThe book contains recipes for cakes, biscuits, breads, tray bakes and pastries. Cox also shares many homemade recipes for sweet and savory dishes on her Instagram page to make veganism more accessible.

Vegan food becomes mainstream

Cox helped bring more attention to vegan alternative baking get itthe cook who came before her set the stage for the future of vegan cooking on other network television shows. I competed in a network contest and won. cupcake wars Since then, the show has featured many vegan bakers and even hosted a fully vegan episode in 2012.

VegNews. Tabitha Brown. Feed the SoulTabitha Brown/Feed the Soul

Most recently, vegan celebrity Tabitha Brown hosted the Food Network’s All-Vegan Cooking Contest show.called It’s CompliPlatedthe show was built on the premise that cooking should include everyone at the table. and a rotating guest judge with various dietary restrictions. and vegetable feasts were included.

“This show is about to change the way we all look at food,” Brown posted on Instagram. I can’t wait to go.”

Gordon Ramsay loves vegan food

Meanwhile, more networks are bringing veganism to the table. Hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay chef’Last summer, I tried vegan food for the first time. In the episode “Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans,” Ramsay reveals his long-kept secret.

Season 12 of American Reality TV’s Cooking Contest saw contestants return from the previous season for a second chance to win. On the Vegan Challenge episode, Ramsay playfully admitted that she had a secret to share while explaining her vegan challenge to competing chefs.

VegNews.GordonRamsayVeganGordon Ramsay/YouTube

“It’s such a big secret. I’m almost afraid to say it on national television,” Ramsay said. Made the chef raise his eyebrows and look shocked at what he revealed. “Don’t worry, Gordon. It’s safe here. We’ll support you.”

“It’s been years, but I can finally admit that I love vegan food,” Ramsay finally revealed.

He took home his claim once more before the chef demonstrated a beetroot Wellington, a vegan twist on a traditional meat dish. “It took him 20 years to get here,” he says of his newfound love for vegan food.

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