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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The energetic reaction from earlier segments referencing old cantinas (go, Chic’s!) and eateries of days of old (rock on, La Riviera!) implies a certain something – I will give you what you appear to need: more wistfulness. Yet, first there will be a little work engaged with a random data challenge.

Presently, you can do the fair thing assuming playing alone by protecting the responses following the inquiries and, meanwhile, allowing your psyche to meander down the Memory Lanes – or, ha, that could be the “Recollections” of Dongan Hills, presently Es-Ca’s.

Or on the other hand, you can assemble with companions face to face or on Zoom to give emotional translations of each inquiry with emulated reactions from the audienc to follow. Those are only a couple of contemplations there until we play…Name! That!! Eatery!!!

Snap back to a period of the Vietnam War and Woodstock, a long time before CVS arrived on the Isle of Staaten. Recollect around 1968 when Jack in the Box resided on Victory Boulevard in Meiers Corners where Dunkin’ Donuts currently permeates.

Alright, here’s the real issue: If you were to do a bar slither from the current Staten Island Food and Art Market in Tompkinsville at 20 Cebra Avenue, that would begin you at The Blue Hour in the last part of the ’60s. Assuming your objective was to The Blue Willow Inn or Ben’s Idle Hour in Willowbrook, name three diversions you’d bring the way.

Reward question: Tell us the transport numbers you’d utilize in transit.

Reply: Let’s take a ride up, up, up Victory Boulevard away from the ship, made a beeline for Willowbrook since we have nothing better to do, particularly as the world appears as though it’s gone distraught. Leaving The Blue Hour there are enticements like the Silver Lake Golf Course’s retail bar on the right half of the road – that is as yet an expected allurement (cheers, Doug Johnstone!) – and close to Hylan, on the contrary side of the road, there’s Ann’s Sugar Bowl.

By advanced Joe and Pat’s is a spot with clay marble boards that are pale blue purple. The side of the structure sports a major neon sign that says “Sunnyside Club.” (Staten Islanders of a specific age talked with for this article say it is nicknamed the “Self destruction Club,” connected with drug use and medication purchases.) And further up close to Shaffer’s Tavern (presently Northfield Bank) there is a shellfish bar on Jewett Avenue, somewhat off of Victory. What’s more, then, at that point, on the left of the road we see our objections – the Blue Willow Inn and Ben’s Idle Hour. Reward, finally.

Reward reply: The Number 6 and the Number 113.



This question is motivated by a peruser from Florida inquiring, “What eatery involved the structure at the intersection of Forest and Bement where the bank is currently?” Give us somewhere around three cycles of the space.

Reply: So, once more, we will extend our brains and guts once more into the last part of the 1960s. The stone customer facing facade to which we allude is the location of 676 Forest Avenue – that is 676ish. Today, that careful spot is known as Tratttoria Vento’s, previously named Renato’s Trattoria Vento. Earlier cycles were Bruno’s NYC Bakery (presently working its eatery and bread kitchen just in Dongan Hills) with its ancestors Tropiano’s Bakery and, before that, Pal Joey’s and, preceding that, Horizons Bar Nightclub and, before that, Jessie’s with rugged marble table tops.

The strip shopping center – this is additionally the previous home to Kent’s East possessed by Kent otherwise known as “Enormous” Smith in the spot presently Chase bank. Furthermore, before then, it was called LiGreci’s of the LiGreci’s The Staaten acclaim.

What’s more, simply a note about Pal Joey’s, home to innumerable first dates and after-game pizza parties when it was initially situated at 538 Forest Ave., West Brighton: The pizza spot was known for its wood-framed lounge area and hued glass detail. It dropped down Forest Avenue close to Bement not long after a misfortune in the spot: proprietor Mark LaManna, 36, of West Brighton, was killed during a bungled burglary one Friday night. His accomplice and closest companion, Frank “Dudy” Carozza, was shot two times however made due.

Trust you had a decent excursion through the café sentimentality. Keep the district’s recollections alive and a debt of gratitude is in order for the correspondence.