Aberdam offers NFTs for crowdfunding in the UK first

Aberdeen fast food outlet Aberdam has launched what is believed to be the UK’s premiere by a smaller company of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in exchange for crowdfunding.

It has partnered with Granite City-based NFT advisory CD Corp to launch a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign to support UK-wide growth plans.

Aberdam, based on Shiprow, aims to raise £408,000.

strong growth

The restaurant specializes in roasted French fries and “mashed” burgers, and the restaurant has been experiencing strong growth since its establishment in 2021.


After handing over £600,000 in its first year, it is now on track to achieve sales figures of over £1.3 million in its second year.

The company, which employs 21 people, is set to launch its second outlet, in Glasgow, next month before rolling out five more across Scotland over the next year.

Investors will receive a range of bonuses throughout the year as well as owning an NFT containing a unique digital character that has been commissioned to celebrate the start of the company’s food chain.

Aberdam launches Aberfam NFT crowdfunding campaign.
Michael Robertson and David Griffiths, of Aberdam, with Ryan Aitken of CD Corp, McCandlich Suppliers, and Joseph McGraw.

“We already have an amazing community of supporters behind us and over 22,000 followers on social media,” said Michael Robertson, co-founder and managing director of Aberdam.

“Many of them had already shown an interest in the company and were looking for a way to invest or get involved.

“In addition to raising funds, the campaign will create a strong community that will provide an opportunity to influence decision-making at Aberdams – we aim to poll the community regularly for guidance on a number of areas.”

Small businesses will benefit the most.”

Michael Robertson, co-founder, Aberdam.

Mr Robertson added: “I think this will be the first of many NFT crowdfunding campaigns for SMEs (small and medium businesses) in the UK.

“I also believe that this will become an industry standard as more and more companies delve into the world of Web3 (including technologies like blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs).”

Investor Options

Aberdam offers investment options across four levels. Each package offers extended rewards and discounts, as well as offering different levels of access to the Aberdam online community – better known as Aberfam.

There are 820 corporate memberships available and each one comes with an official digital asset issued by Aberdam (NFT). There are also 1,000 Tier 4 packages, each offering members a generic Aberfam ID and 20% off for a year. The fourth level does not include NFT.


Each Aberfam ID contains detailed art designed by three Aberdeen artists; Dfunkt Robot, Plague Fisher and Reckless.

Investors will receive their Aberfam IDs via an app and be issued metal ID cards that link directly to their NFTs.

CD Corp Managing Director Ryan Aiken said: “I will be forever grateful to the men at Aberdam for trusting us to deliver a project of this magnitude.

“This is our first business outside of the whiskey industry and we are confident it will be a success.

“What we created with Michael and Dave (Aberdam co-founder David Griffiths) provides a true community-focused alternative for new startups looking to expand.”

The NFT crowdfunding campaign will kick off from Aberdam on September 30th and run until the fundraising goal is met.

What are NFTs?

NFT is an electronic identifier for a digital asset. The most common use is for digital art transactions, granting property rights and providing a guarantee of authenticity via the blockchain technology used to create it, just like cryptocurrency.

It is hoped that NFTs in Aberdam will gain value and become collectibles as the brand expands across the UK.

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[Aberdam to offer NFTs in exchange for crowdfunding in ‘UK first’]