A woman accidentally picked up a stranger’s Instacart order and was surprised by their taste in food.

Recently, a woman’s custom mix took TikTok by storm, as she gave her followers a sneak peek of what she got and it went viral.

According to Olivia Pascal (@oliviapwong), she recently opened a delivery from Instacart, only to discover that the items inside were not what she had ordered. Upon further investigation, it turned out that it was someone else’s box, so she contacted the company to resolve the issue.

Instacart told Pascale to keep the box and that Instacart would send the corrected boxes immediately. Naturally curious, he decided to see what was inside, especially since it was now his and completely free.

First, Pascale launched a medicated itch cream called “Ditch the Itch.”

“Love this,” he said before moving on to another item.

Next up is Dave’s killer bread (which was great because he likes it), followed by milk chocolate and Italian soda.

“Wait, am I sleeping on an Italian soda?” she wondered aloud before reading that it was a “blood orange” flavor.

He became more and more excited about each item, like a child opening a Christmas surprise.

“Oh! Natalie’s orange juice?’ he said after pulling out the next trophy. “It’s like 10 bucks!” I feel like I hit the jackpot!”

After that, it’s tomatoes on the vine, fresh asparagus, a carton of premium organic eggs, blueberries, blackberries, keto-friendly ginger ale, and more. pulled out.

Finally, Pascale looked into the camera to shake her head.

“I’m sorry for anyone who didn’t get an order, but it’s a fire,” he concluded. “Thank you for the good food delivery.”

“It was $200 . . .”

In the comments, people seem equally excited about it.

“Wow, this whole order was a kill,” one person wrote.

“It was like $200,” another person marveled.

“Why don’t I get these amazing mistakes,” asked another.

Many people are beginning to imagine the type of person who might be on the other end of an Instacart order.

“I wish I was the one who ordered this, they look like they live together LOL,” one user commented.

“This person goes to the gym at least 3 times a week,” imagined another.

“I knew right away that this commanding 20-year-old woman was living alone,” mused another. “A girl lives her best life.”

“My favorite single female activity is boogie groceries,” replied another.

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