A wedge cheese shop opens in Warren and sells it

The Cheese Shop in Warren.

Cheese lovers no longer have to drive to Providence or Tiverton to pick up artisan cheddar or sheep’s milk gouda from small farms in New England, the Midwest and Europe. Two local moms, Sasha Goldman and Chelsea Morrissey, opened their own cheese shop. WedgeAt the Little Cape House on Water Street in Warren, just opposite Through water restaurant, and will soon be preceded by a new location Chomp Kitchen and Drinks.

The two women have five daughters between them – Goldman has three daughters aged eight, eleven and fourteen, while Morrissey has two daughters aged five and eleven. The business partners became friends through their daughters, and they created Wedge Cheese Shop next to Five Girls Provisions LLC to honor the engagement. All five girls signed a sign on the wall behind a cheese board for good luck while doing construction work at the business, which used to be the Muse jewelry store.

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Chelsea Morrissey and Sasha Goldman, Wedge partners.

Goldman moved to Barrington during the pandemic when her husband moved to work in the family business. Big Blue Bug Solutions, as an attorney. They previously lived in Newton, Massachusetts for eight years and moved around a lot before that. Goldman received his Ph.D. At Columbia’s School of Journalism, he studies the role of narrative in American life. When the world slowed down in 2020, she was bored at home and started making creative cheese boards for fun with her daughters.

“I loved the creativity of making a cheese board and trying new things,” says Goldman. “It’s a fun way to eat, to have little bites of different things.”

He decided to co-own the business with his friend Morrissey, who now works at Hasbro as director of strategy for the gaming group. Morrissey graduated from Villanova and earned a master’s degree from Babson, but enjoyed working on the small family farm growing up.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own business,” says Morrissey.

They decided Warren was the perfect place to do it.

“I felt Warren was great. There are many great restaurants; I love Biwat,” says Goldman. “It has a great vibe with lots of independent shops. We thought it was something the area could use.”

After looking at several other locations, Goldman and Morrissey wondered how perfect their current location would be until it became available. With that lease (through Sam Glynn, who owns Chomp), they went for it. “It’s a great place with parking and it’s a great walking area,” says Morrissey. They crowdsourced the design of their logo, a cheese wedge that they use on everything from hats to aprons. “We wanted the logo to stand alone, like an icon, without the word Wedge,” says Morrissey.

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Selection of wedge cheeses.

The partners spent time traveling around New England to find small cheese farms to feature in the store. “Some cheeses we buy directly from the producer or dairy farm. I went to a lot of places in Maine this summer,” Goldman says. “We want to get smaller items that you can’t find in a big box store. We build the relationship and then they send it to us.”

He also established relations with them Hope and main stock of some products of local manufacturers, including Christie’s Kraftails cocktail and cocktail mixers and Hawt Chocolate goodness. They also received honey from a Barrington beekeeper and handmade pottery from a Barrington potter. They love both women producers and cheese farmers.

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Some local products are available at the Wedge.

Creating ready-to-serve cheese boards is a talent they have mastered. They offer several versions, including large and medium, as well as a dessert board displayed on a beautiful wooden board or palm leaf tray. There is a certain formula for each of them.

“We try to have one soft cheese, then one crowd-pleasing hard cheese, cheddar or alpine cheese, and then something more,” says Goldman. “We like to add local honey, preserves, a few crunchy things, and also throw in a little chocolate.”

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More cocktail mixers and syrups at Wedge.

But each of them can be personalized. “If they’re adventurous or foodies who want to go for it, we’ll do something more exciting,” Morrissey says, “but if they’re more conservative, we’ll play it safe.”

There’s also a dessert board to bring to someone’s house for a date. “It has biscuits, honey, fresh fruit, dried fruit, crumbled gouda and soft cheese wrapped in flower petals,” says Morrissey.

Here are some of their favorite cheese varieties available in the store, where guests are invited to taste before buying.

Sweet Annie: Landmark Creamery, WI

“Very affordable and easy to eat aged sheep’s milk gouda. It tastes like the most delicious sweet popcorn. Try pairing dried fruit and flowers with gin.”

Wildflower: Baldauf Kase, Germany

“A semi-hard, cow’s milk cheese with an edible organic rind covered in a bouquet of fresh herbs and flowers from the Alps. Made from ‘hay’, it has a delicate texture and a distinctive grassy taste. A unique cheese!”

Lively, Cato Corner Farm, Conn.

“Like a combination of Emmental and Italian Provolone, this cheese has an elastic texture with a medium bite. Cheese for fine dining; try it with a glass of Pinot Noir.”

Jake’s Old Gouda, New York

Gouda Lover’s Cheese. Exceptionally aromatic with a sharp structure and smooth finish. At least six months old.”

Pecorino Romano, Fulvi, Italy

“Rich in umami and salt. Dense and delicious.”

North Applewood Cold Smoked Ricotta, Skowhegan, Maine

“Cold smoked with organic local Applewood made from whole milk from Jersey cows. Fresh and light, yet rich in cream and flavor. Made with just a pinch of salt and a delicious smoky flavor.

Trillium, Tulip Tree Cream, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Trillium is a triple cream, floral rind cheese inspired by the classic French Camembert and Brie. It has a soft, buttery texture with a rich smooth aroma.


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