A Serious Kitchen Update – Dealerscope

The kitchen is known as the heart of any home and calling it that makes a lot of sense. This is the space where kitchen-focused memories are made, where food is shared, and where family and friends gather most often. But kitchens are no longer like your grandmother’s: appliance technology has continually improved each year. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global smart kitchen appliance market is expected to reach a revenue of $60.19 billion by 2030. For consumers, that means plenty of new and innovative products. Here are some of the best smart appliances to keep an eye out for if you’re looking to add a serious upgrade to your kitchen.

Samsung Bespoke AI Oven


Let’s face it, the oven is probably the most important appliance in any kitchen. With Samsung’s Bespoke AI Oven, the famous company has connected the world of artificial intelligence with modern cooking technologies. The oven not only monitors food as it cooks, but can even send a warning notification if food starts to burn. Cooking will no longer be a guessing game as the AI-powered oven can recommend the perfect temperature and cooking time for over 80 different dishes and ingredients. The oven also features full steam, sous-vide, and air fry modes, making it quite possibly the best all-in-one appliance on the market.

BLOK Smart Cutting Board

MSRP: $699

When thinking about the appliances that least needed an update, the cutting board is probably one of the first that comes to mind. However, the folks at BLOK would strongly disagree. The company’s smart cutting board, nicknamed “the kitchen squad,” will have you wondering how you ever lived without a cutting board that had a waterproof, scratch-resistant screen. BLOK’s screen can be removed from the wooden cutting board and comes with a docking station that has speakers, allowing you to stream cooking classes live or on demand. The cutting board can also be combined with an app that allows users to order ingredients from delivery companies.

LG MoodUp Refrigerator


Are you bored of your typical colored fridge? Say hello to LG’s new MoodUp refrigerator. With innovative LED door panels capable of producing 22 colors on the top door and 19 on the bottom, MoodUp will add a whole new atmosphere to the kitchen. Users can customize the LED panels and can even apply preset themes, including season, location, mood, and pop. Aside from the brightly lit doors, MoodUp features a Bluetooth speaker that can stream music from your favorite app. It also has an AI chip that will help improve and extend the user experience over time. You also won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your fridge open again; Samsung’s new product will make sure you know if you need to shut it down.

GE Profile Smart Mixer

MSRP: $999

GE’s Profile Smart Mixer is the stand mixer you never knew you needed. Brimming with smart technology, the blender comes with a built-in scale that perfectly weighs ingredients so you never have to guess the measurements. It also features auto-sensing technology that monitors texture and viscosity in real time by acquiring torque feedback from the motor. Along with an auto shutoff feature, the Profile Smart Mixer features voice control technology so you can take care of other important things in the kitchen, like making sure your glass of wine is always full.

brava glass

MSRP: $1,995

Sometimes you just don’t feel like operating your full-size oven, and that’s where Brava Glass comes in to save the day. CounterThe upper oven cooks food with light, which uses less energy than it takes to preheat a traditional oven. It comes with several different modes such as air fry, broil, bake, brown, toast, reheat, cook rice, slow cook, dehydrate, and keep warm. The company’s newest iteration features a glass window on the front, so users can get a full view of the oven as it works its magic. In addition, the Brava Glass comes equipped with the previous version’s heat-resistant internal chamber, allowing the entire cooking process to be monitored via the downloadable Brava Home app. Adding to the monitoring process is the oven temperature probe, so you’ll never have to deal with an overcooked steak again.

SHARP Smart Dishwasher

MSRP: $999

The SHARP Smart Dishwasher will make washing all those dirty dishes easier than ever. Finished in elegant stainless steel both inside and out, the dishwasher also comes equipped with LED interior lighting to make loading easier. The three adjustable shelves also make organization easy. Along with multiple wash zone options, the pressure washer sprayer makes removing all those tough stains a breeze. The best part of the SHARP Smart Dishwasher, though, is the Wi-Fi-enabled “Works with Alexa” feature. This remote control feature allows users to turn the dishwasher on and off without ever getting up from the couch.