A parent who approached a New York school with a knife has been arrested

An incident at Canton Central School in upstate New York ended safely today after a man tried to enter the school armed with a knife, police officials said.

Reports indicate the man is the father of three school-age children and has an active protective order barring him from having contact with the children.

Accordingly WNYT-TV reports A teacher noticed a man armed with a knife at school:

…the teacher reported it to the administration, and a technician confronted him outside to remove him from the school building.

School officials then activated lockdown procedures and notified police, the report said.

The report says the man is Aaron LaVine of Canton and has three children who attend the school. Police officials confirmed that he is currently facing three counts of criminal harassment. After searching LaVine, police classified the knife as a pocket knife, noting that he never brandished a weapon in a threatening manner, the report said.

However, police found additional knives in LaVine’s car.

After his arraignment, LaVine was ordered held at the St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility, with bond set at $1,000 cash or $5,000.

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: This post is for informational purposes. The information provided within was provided publicly by law enforcement. Any charges or accusations of wrongdoing mentioned in the article are only allegations and the reader is reminded that all persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.]

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