A new pizza place is coming to West Central Missouri

There’s a new pizza place looking to make a home in West Central Missouri, and they’d like nearby locations like Marshall and Warrensburg.

I’m talking about Mr. Gatti’s pizza. Mr. Gatti however is more than just a pizza joint. It is a family entertainment center. Yaknow is kind of like Showbiz Pizza, or Chuck E Cheese. The difference, according to Mr. Gatti’s website, is that they have better pizza. According to their website:

“While other brands have focused on either fun game centers with average food, or good food with some games in a back room, we excelled at both — allowing our locations to stand out in the minds of families in neighboring communities.”

Mr. Gatty’s pizza

Mr. Gatty’s pizza

Mr. Gatti is not new to the scene either. They’ve been big in parts of Texas and the Southeast for decades. James Eure opened his first pizzeria in Texas in 1964, and his first was Gatti’s, named after his father-in-law, in Austin in 1969. He credits the success of his pizzeria to his mouth-watering pizza recipe.

“Mr. Eure has dedicated himself to perfecting the elements that make people crave pizza: real cheese, yeast dough made fresh every day, our signature tangy pizza sauce, and the toppings that can’t be covered.”

Now, when I lived in Lubbock, we had Mr. Gatti’s Family Entertainment Center just down the street. I remember hearing good things about pizza so I gave it a try. I don’t remember it being bad, but I don’t remember it being a pizza I liked enough to try again either. So make sure that you like it.

So where does Mr. Gatti open in West Central Missouri? Their locator already has locations in Columbia, Springfield, Joplin, and Branson. However, they do not have any opening dates listed.

Other areas available for Missouri franchising that the pizza place would like to locate include Marshall, Warrensburg, and Hannibal along with Jefferson City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cape Girardeau, and St. Joseph.

However, just because you find a chain in a sought-after area doesn’t mean a store will open there anytime soon. Just ask Pizza Ranch, which has long viewed Sedalia as its pizza buffet market.

Mr. Gatty’s pizza

Mr. Gatty’s pizza

For Mr. Gatti, I believe Sedalia would be an ideal location for Mr. Gatti because of the desire of the leisure-seeking residents. A family entertainment center with an arcade and very good pizza might be one way to solve this problem. It would be better if it was next to a brand new bowling alley.

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