A Lidl in Droitwich has been ‘politely’ shamed by a mum after shoppers park in parent and child spaces.

A DROITWICH mum has appealed to supermarket shoppers to use parent and child spaces in car parks.

A mother of a newborn baby has shamed shoppers without children using the parent and child car park at Lidl on Kidderminster Road.

However, not everyone agreed with his police appeal and a dispute broke out in Spotted Droitwich.

He said: “A small change of personal laziness can make a big difference to a Droitwich parent/grandparent.


“This is a polite request to people who shop at Lidl.

Inside Lidl. Image: credit: Lidl

“Can you park in parent and child spaces only if you have a child with you?”

“I doubt the same ignorant people would park in a handicap spot, but don’t you understand why people think it’s perfectly possible to do it without looking like a child?”

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“I couldn’t get in the same seat with my newborn son today, it wasn’t the end of the world, but the goal is to open the door wide enough to get the baby or child out of the car seat.

“A small change of personal laziness makes a big difference for a Droitwich parent/grandparent!”

Despite the polite request, social media users did not shy away from expressing their opinions.

One commenter said, “Some people who use parent and child spaces use them because they don’t have handicap spaces (some companies offer them).

“I use them because they’re usually closer to the entrance than disabled seats, so I don’t have a choice with mobility issues.

Another said: “I like to park in the parent and child seats in my big Range Rover because I have more room to open the door to get out.

“Usually it’s just me driving it, but if I have passengers I’d use the 2 seats and put it in the middle.”

Worcester News: Mum shames people using parent-child space on Kidderminster Road, Droitwich

A mum is putting people to shame who use the parent and child space on Kidderminster Road in Droitwich

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Someone else called and said, “Worse, a parent with a child using the parent and child parking space… And the child is about 13 years old….!”

Many in the comments said disabled parking should be at the front of most supermarkets, while others defended the layout, saying it would prevent children from running around.

A Facebook user tries to stop the debate: “A little known fact is that during handicap parking, if all the handicap spaces are full, a parent and child can park in the bay.”