A customer spends $1,000 on groceries at Sam’s Club

From ordering kids’ meals to switching to dollar store chains like Dollar General, adult consumers have proven they’re willing to go to great lengths to get a discount on ever-higher inflation-driven grocery bills.

A Walmart customer recently compared her 2021 shopping list to today’s to show just how much more expensive groceries have become. For example, he spent $5.38 on a bag of cheese in 2021. Today, that bag of cheese costs him $17.68.

Another content creator Summer (@summerreignhenning) shared what it takes to feed her family these days: $1,157.18. Summer, who recently hit 1 million subscribers, takes viewers to the grocery store with her in one of her latest videos, which garnered 1.1 million views in 24 hours. His first stop is Sam’s Club, where he loads up on snacks and spends $857.39. He then heads to Kroger, where he picks up items he “couldn’t find at Sam’s or just didn’t need,” bringing his total to $1,157.18. According to him, the items in the refrigerator last for one month and the pantry for two months.

@summerreignhenning reply @brandonalp1 $1,157.18 to be exact 😩😮‍💨 #grocery ♬ PRETTY BOY FLOW – STURDYYOUNGINN🥷🏽™️

While the payoff may seem high, viewers are praising summer for buying groceries in bulk.

“When you think about it… it’s a lot cheaper to do it this way!!!” one viewer wrote.

“That’s not bad for a month’s worth of food!!’ said the second compliment.

“It’s a very good price. After all, I know that it costs the most,” said the third echo.

Others shared how much money they needed to support their families.

“It’s really not that bad. We are around 1600 per month and have 7 children. All 3 are in diapers. We also spend extra money on clean eating. Good job everyone!” – said one user.

“That’s about right. I spend $500 every two weeks at Walmart,” shared another.

“I spent 1,200 tenge on food for my family of 6 last week, which will only last us 2 weeks, maybe 3, a month,” explained a third.

Time Food prices may continue to rise, but should stabilize soon. But it may take some time for them to come back down. This means that TikTokers sharing money-saving hacks will likely continue to grow in popularity, and we’ll see more content related to food prices and food savings.



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*First published: March 18, 2023 11:47 AM CDT

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