‘99.9% of the time the ice cream machine isn’t broken’: McDonald’s employee reveals 12 secrets the company doesn’t want customers to know

Curiosity is not a sin. And knowledge is power. Getting access to some inside information is often the best way to make sure the company doesn’t treat you badly. After all, you’re a paying customer, and you want the most bang for your buck—or, in this case, the best taste out of your meal.

TikTokermotheraangel, aka Ashton, went viral nearly a year ago with an adorable video of how he “hacked” McDonald’s. I’ve spilled the tea about interesting facts you should know the next time you pop in for a meal. Ashton also revealed that you can just be upfront and order a new batch of fries. Scroll down for the great McDonald’s tips I shared, as well as to read how the internet reacts to it.

Panda boredom I’ve reached out to Ashton via email, and we’ll update the article as soon as we hear back from her.

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TikToker Ashton spilled the tea about some juicy McDonald’s secrets

You can watch her full viral video here

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If your order gets f****d, never ask for a refund. Always ask for a free meal card. Literally this is a good deal. You can literally have any meal on the menu. Add whatever you like to this meal. You get a big serving of quarter-pounder bacon with a big shake, and it’s the most expensive meal you can get for free. That’s what you do. Never ask for a refund, sometimes they give you 2 free meals.

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The secret menu does not exist. The only secret is that you can literally customize any item on the menu any way you want, and we’ll do it for you.

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American TikToker Ashton, who follows @motheraangel, has more than 104.6k followers on the video-sharing platform. Meanwhile, her videos have a combined 5.7 million likes.

Ashton’s TikTok about McDonald’s facts alone garnered 1.7 million likes after it went viral in late January 2022.

99.9% of the time the ice cream machine is not broken. There are three reasons why you might be told your ice cream machine is out of order. First, it is cleaned. The ice cream machine is cleaned around the clock, and no one comes when it’s closed and cleaned. Second, it’s on heat mode, and it’s basically the ice cream that’s in there hot for whatever reason, so we can’t use it. Third, if it was very busy and we were severely understaffed. Like I say, there’s one person here, a manager, one or two people at the grill and one person at the front, and we’re backed up by cars, more often than not, we won’t serve ice cream until the rush is over.

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This isn’t the first time Bored Panda has written about the McDonald’s hack. We covered a whole bunch of them a while ago. During a previous interview, we reached out to Save the Student, an organization that helps students increase their money. At the time, a rep shared a cool hack that can help you make a cheaper version of the Big Mac.

All you have to do is go to the self-service kiosk and find a Double Cheeseburger £1.49. Then customize it by adding shredded lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard and mayonnaise. It’s not far from the taste of a Big Mac. This will give you a voucher to buy a Big Mac and fries for £1.99 next time you eat at McDonald’s,” he explained throughout 2020.

Of course, that specific hack wouldn’t work these days. But this is something to keep in mind – there is always a need for new tips and tricks when it comes to any topic. Things change a little over time.

A cone is much less expensive than a regular sundae, so if you want a regular sundae, get a cone and order it in a cup. It’s less money for the same amount of ice cream, and you get an ice cream cone.

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However, eating out at this point in time is considered a luxury for many people. Times are hard. Even though US inflation has fallen from 9.1% at its peak in 2022 to 7.1% in November and 6.5% in December, prices are still incredibly high. Especially food costs, which are still increasing in many parts of America. For example, the price of eggs has increased by 60% compared to the year before 2022.

chicken is roughly 11% more expensive than it is in 2021; bread is 15.9% more expensive; Milk rose by 12.5%. While butter and margarine are 35.3% more expensive. As such, many Americans cut back on eating out in order to save on food costs.

A quarter of a piece of fresh meat, in the refrigerator, not frozen, and we drop it in fresh. It is cooked to order every time. So if you want something fresh, order a quarter pounder. Also if you don’t want a quarter pounder and want something fresh after 10:00 or 11:00 am everything is cooked to order, so if you want to eat fresh – come later.

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“Life hack: get fry without salt, ask for salt at the window and get fresh fry” is nonsense. First of all you can just order fresh fry and we will make it fresh. Second, did you know we can just take the fries out of the thing and put them back in the fryer for 5 seconds and they’ll burn off all the salt?

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In a previous article, we showed how you can still make your favorite fast food at home, as there are many recipes available online. It’s cheaper and healthier because you can control exactly what goes into the dish. Buying in bulk and cooking with friends can be a great way to save money. Just don’t forget to add a little spice!

The good news is you can easily recreate your favorites at home for a fraction of the price. It’s healthier that way too. Google is definitely your friend here as you can find mock recipes from a number of sites. During lockdown, McDonald’s released instructions on how to make an egg Famous Breakfast McMuffins at Home,” a representative for Save the Student told Bored Panda during a previous interview.

If you want cookies and want it to taste good, ask them to make it fresh. They literally take two minutes. They are delicious when fresh and when not fresh, tough.

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The points on the mobile app are stupid. They are stupid. It’s a waste of time. If you use the mobile app, just use the rewards it gives you. It’s a much better deal. You have to spend about $16 to get such a large Mac.

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“The good news is, the ingredients for most of these recipes aren’t that expensive and you can still look for bargains to make your dish even cheaper. Buying in bulk is always a winner too when it comes to saving money, so it’s a good idea to meet up with friends and maybe take turns making your favorite imitations. he told us earlier.

“Salt and pepper won’t break their budget, but they can make or break a meal. Don’t forget that sugar can take a dish to the next level, too.”

We are not technically allowed to accept tips, but honestly tip service workers. You will literally make our day. The damn dollar makes our day, I swear to God, their tip, our tip.

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Don’t order more Oreos or M&M’s at McFlurry’s. It is such a waste of money. The reason there are no Oreos on the bottom is because the b****s don’t mix it up enough. What you should do is be like, “Can I get an employee? Can you mix it up really well?” you are welcome.

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