9 restaurants in Twin Falls that have opened so far this year

2022 was a decent year for restaurants to open in Twin Falls. We found some restaurants that opened this year and they made some waves. I haven’t tried them all yet, but they are definitely on my list.

Ramen noodles in a soup flavored with soy sauce.


Nara Ramen and Sushi

The new ramen and sushi restaurant has received great reviews. Located in the same parking lot as Barnes and Nobel, it has been packed since it opened earlier this year. They have a restaurant in Boise too, this is their second location. The food looks great.

1. Canyon Crest Event Center

1. Canyon Crest Event Center

Redhawk Gastropub

This was a work of art in the pipeline. The restaurant is located in Canyon Crest and has been under construction for a long time. It has finally opened and serves 28 different beers on tap and fine dining. It was eagerly awaited and people were showing up in droves.

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

happy teriyaki

They are in Blue Lakes which is a chain, but they have some great food. The restaurant quietly closed for a while but quickly reopened and started bringing out more of his fresh food.


Photo by Josh Olaldi on Unsplash

Photo by Josh Olaldi on Unsplash

Magic Valley Brewing on the main road

It’s all your favorite things about Magic Valley Brewing in Bohl, only in Twin Falls. They have some amazing homemade dishes that are complete soul food. Their beer selection is great and the food too. In addition, customer service was very excellent.

people drinking coffee high angle view


Boomerang coffee

This coffee shop is where Sweeto Burrito used to be on Cheney Drive near Walmart, and also serves up some great food. Bubble Waffles are a favorite of customers. Even if you don’t like coffee, they serve energy drinks, tea and lemonade too.

Downtown Twin Falls

Downtown Twin Falls

Cloverleaf Farm Market

Located on Main Street in downtown Twin Falls, this is a great little shop stocked with all your favorite Cloverleaf Creamery and some great food options. They source things locally and even have some souvenir items.

duck donut

This is also a chain restaurant by Kneaders in the Walmart parking area. They make the signature cakes that people cherish. If you take a look at their list online, it’s hard not to want to try one.

air taco

They specialize in tacos. High end tacos. This is a food truck that has been open for a short period of time. You can catch them on different occasions or lots of cars. They are everywhere and they are great.

glazed on

Another specialty donut restaurant, but this one is a food truck. Everywhere they go to different events selling their cake filled with candy and other sweet treats.

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