9 Best Cold Brew Coffees


Sarah Ashtrace

Cold brew is your best bet for a smooth, delicious cup of iced coffee. Unlike regular iced coffee, cold brew steeps the beans in cold water for a long time. The finished product is perfectly chilled and strong, instead pour diluted hot coffee over ice cubes.

You can probably get a pre-made cold brew at any coffee shop, but relying on baristas for your cup can become an expensive habit. Even at chains like Starbucks or Dunkin’, a medium cold brew can cost up to $4. Fortunately, making cold brew at home is a low-effort and inexpensive solution.

If you follow our recipe, one 12-ounce bag of coffee beans can be used for one gallon of cold brew concentrate, making the cost per cup about what you’d get at a coffee shop. Another benefit is that you can choose your own cold brew adventure by choosing your own coffee bag. In general, the best beans to use for cold brew are medium to dark roasted and coarsely ground for optimal extraction. The nature of the cold brew method minimizes acidic notes and enhances the chocolate and dark fruit flavors we love in coffee. However, the versatility of cold brew means you can make a cup with just about any variety, but if you want some pointers, here are some of our favorite beans.

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Partners Coffee Brooklyn Roast



Variety Coffee High Hopes Blend:


Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve blend


Counter Culture coffee

Counter Culture hologram mix


Irving Farm Cold Brew Blend


Nguyen Coffee Supply Moxy Blend

8 o’clock

Café Integral Cold Brew


Partners Coffee Rockaway Cold Brew Pouches

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