6 Things From Neeraj Chopra Elite Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Weight

India’s golden child Neeraj Chopra missed the 2022 Commonwealth Games due to injury concerns. This dealt a blow to the country’s sporting ambitions, as the Olympic gold medalist would have been a guaranteed gold medalist at the Games.

Given the way he has consistently established himself as a class apart from his rivals, the Indian squad certainly felt his loss, despite the rest of the athletes performing admirably.

Life as an elite athlete is not easy by any measure. They have been given a limited time off to recover after long, physically demanding sports seasons. Moreover, they have to lead a disciplined lifestyle in order to constantly raise their level of performance.

Given his heroic performance at the 2020 Summer Games, Neeraj Chopra was well overdue for a well-deserved break.


However, with his cheat day stretching to a few weeks, Neeraj was packed with several pounds thanks to the generosity of the hosts looking to congratulate him in the best possible way; This included a prime minister hosting a “rich” package of food for the Indian Olympic champions.

While he made the most of his vacation, not too soon after, in December Neeraj reverted to his former avatar to win the silver medal at the World Championships.

© Neeraj Chopra

Talking to Indian ExpressNeeraj healer and close friend Ishaan Fan shared the factors that helped the Indian Spear to get into the best shape of his life:

1. Get rid of your ego, start from scratch

It’s never easy to get back into a fitness routine, especially after losing momentum due to an injury or a self-imposed vacation. However, it is necessary to be humble and to be okay with starting from scratch.

Talking about Neeraj’s experience getting back into his routine after the break, a fan says, “It was like starting from scratch because there was a four month gap, he was overweight and he weighed between 12 and 14 kilos.”

2. Define the main objectives

We all work for our own selfish reasons, so it doesn’t make sense to pursue someone else’s ready-made goals. Get to know your body, and set your own goals.

In the case of Chopra’s team, the main goals, at first, were to lose weight while improving flexibility and strengthening his joints. Especially after he was injured.

3. Eliminate sugar from your diet

The hardest part of the diet plan is actually following it. It’s easy to know intellectually the macros and micros that each ingredient on the table brings to your body, but sticking with them is an entirely different ball game.

Neeraj’s regime required him to eliminate sugar completely, while also making a few other tweaks.

Ishan details the diet plan for camp dietitian Mihira Khopkar, “When we got to Chula Vista our number one goal was to lose weight. Immediately the sugar went out of the diet. No refined sugar, no sugar in drinks or added to coffee. Sugar next. The food was good.”

4. drop body fat

Neeraj Chopra's diet and routine

© Neeraj Chopra

The average person doesn’t need to stress their body fat percentage too much, however, and it’s a whole different story for an elite athlete like Neeraj Chopra. His body fat percentage has dropped from 16% in December to 10% currently, all thanks to his training regimen and diet.

“For a javelin thrower, about 10 and 10.5 is good,” Marwa says. “Below that, you descend a lot.”

5. Keep your focus

It will be difficult at first, especially if you have slipped out of shape. Even Chopra got a reality check when he tried two or three laps of the 400m track in Chula Vista.

Speaking about the same, Marwa said: “It was hard for him also because he didn’t run with that kind of weight. He hasn’t weighed 97kg since the time I was with him. It was hard for him to start long distance running at first. Then we kept increasing the distances to run. up to 5 kilometres.

He continued, “We were using the time wisely. But we didn’t pay. We had less time and had to cover a lot of workouts. It was a bit difficult at first but hats off to Neeraj, he was dedicated…with the diet and everything.”

6. Add protein for best results

Eating a high-protein diet not only helps you gain muscle, but it may also help you lose weight. In Chopra’s case, he lost two kilograms in two weeks on a high-protein diet.

Plus, his weight training regimen made him leaner. Explaining in detail about the type of proteins Neeraj consumed, Ishan said, “We reduced the carbs and increased the protein intake during those four to five weeks. Chicken, salmon and a lot of salad were the primary source of protein. So were eggs. The protein supplement is just an addition. For the carbs, there were potatoes “.

In Neeraj Chopra, India has the talent of generations at its disposal. So who better to learn from our own non-Olympic?