5 mouth-watering sauce recipes to take your Momo game to the next level

Momos are steamed dumplings filled with juicy succulent fillings, making them the perfect snack to savor. Originating from Tibet, momos are native to countries like Nepal and Indian Himalayan regions like Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling, Sikkim and many more. This dish has also become a well-known street food in North India where it is absolutely loved. Nothing can beat a hot pot of steamed momos with delicious chutney. While we know momos are best served with soup and chili chutney, what other sauces could we pair them with at home? Here are 5 types of sauces you can pair with a hot pot of momo that will satiate your taste buds.

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Here are 5 sauce recipes that you try with Momo:

1. Green mustard

Our favorite sauce is green chutney made with fresh coriander, mint leaves, garlic and spices. This chutney recipe will give you a burst of flavor. Just squeeze some lemon juice to give it a citrusy flavor and you’re good to go. Click here for the recipe.

Make homemade green chutney to go with momos. Photo credit: istock

2. Chili oil sauce

The famous chili oil sauce will make you ask for more. Make it at home with hot oil infused with red chili flakes, plenty of garlic, and salt. Just pour a good amount of chili oil over the hot momos and pour. Click here for the recipe.

Chili oil is full of flavours. Photo credit: istock

3. Cream Cheese Dip

This freshly made herb cream cheese dip can be made at home. It is loaded with flavors and will be loved by all. This delicious dip is made with cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, and fresh herbs. You can make it in bulk and use this dip with any snack to savor. Click here for the recipe.

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4. Sriracha sauce

Sriracha sauce is a great substitute for the red chutney you get with momos. In case you don’t have chili sauce, you can pair the momos with sriracha sauce to get in on the spice kick. This hot sauce will never fail to satisfy your spice cravings.

Cream cheese dip can be served with many other snacks. Photo credit: istock

5. Mayonnaise

Many of us cannot eat spicy foods and require a sauce that balances the flavors. Mayonnaise is the best sauce you can have with juicy momos as it is rich and creamy in texture and taste. Click here for the recipe.

Try these sauces with a plate of momos and enjoy the explosion of flavours.