5 local agri-food technology startups present for the future at evokeAG

Asia Pacific’s agri-food technology activity, AgriFutures evokesᴬᴳ⋅is fast approaching. Today we take a look at startups competing for investor attention with some of the most innovative ideas in farming and sustainability.

21-22 February 2023 wake upᴬᴳ⋅ Up to the World Activity It will bring together local and global investors, researchers and farmers to collaborate on the future of sustainable agrifood technology at the Adelaide Convention Center.

Evokeᴬᴳ⋅ 2023, which started the official event program, Investor Presentation Dinner Monday, February 20. This network-based dinner gives five investment-ready Australian and New Zealand agri-food technology startups the opportunity to present to a room full of local and global investors.

Every startup that has previously raised capital in successful funding rounds is already established in the growing market. To further their momentum, they will each present their solutions to several pressing issues that address the sustainability and longevity of our current agri-food technology industry.

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The 2023 attendees represent some of the most innovative ideas in agrifood today. Each of the five startups has a female founder. Let’s meet them.

george: Bridie Ohlsson and Cadel Watson

This New South Wales-based startup unlocks sustainable agribusiness by providing blockchain-based solutions for supply chains everywhere. Co-founded by Bridie Ohlsson and Cadel Watson, Geora uses secure data technology to monitor and finance local and global supply chains in the agri-food industry.

Bridie and Cadel’s practical application of technology aims to help farmers unlock sustainable agribusiness so they can focus on what they do best. Bridie, Geora’s co-founder and CEO, used her background in law and early development startups to grow her latest venture.


Nanobubble Agritech: Lauren Oehme and Leon Power

Nanobubble Agritech is a game-changing startup from New Zealand developed by Taranaki co-founders Lauren Oehme and Leon Power. Lauren and Leon discovered great potential for the application of the latest nanobubble technology to agricultural irrigation systems.

Further improving the technique of pressurized gas-to-liquid dissolution, Nanobubble Agritech targets irrigation water by flushing supersaturated oxygen levels. This groundbreaking method allows water to hold up to eight times more oxygen than normal. Using this technology for crop irrigation in the agricultural industry can increase growth rates and crop yields by further expanding limited resources. In short, Nanobubble Agritech is disrupting conventional irrigation.

Eighth Day Foods: Jen Drew and Roger Drew

Founded by Jen Drew and Roger Drew, Eighth Day Foods is a Victorian startup that develops the latest in plant-based protein technology. The company focuses largely on producing lupine-based protein. LUPREMA versatile and cost-effective meat alternative. This protein alternative can be simply grown using essentially a single ingredient without creating significant supply chain demand.

Joining other pitch initiatives at this year’s Investor Presentation Dinner, Jen and Roger want to secure investments from like-minded partners who are passionate about improving food sustainability. Eighth Day Foods in addition to a successful $1 million startup funding round in 2022 LUPREM received the best title World Plant Based Food in 2021.

LYRO Robotics: Dr Nicole Robinson, Dr Juxi Leitner and Norton Kelly-Boxall

The co-founders of this Queensland early-stage robotics company combined their scientific knowledge and passion for sustainability to improve post-harvest packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The startup is battling a nationwide labor shortage as well as rising inflation in the agricultural industry. With efficiency and round-the-clock applications, LYRO Robotics is ready to offer its solution to address the massive post-harvest food waste seen in Australia each year. Low friction technology frees people from tedious tasks by ensuring that food products are not damaged or wasted along the supply chain journey from farm to shelf.

Leaf Protein: Fern Ho and Connor Balfany

Fern Ho and Connor Balfany’s Victoria-based protein company, Leaf Protein Co, is committed to solving the biodiversity shortage in the plant protein ingredient market. By exploring the potential of leaf protein to feed the population, Fern and Connor envision a future where sustainable food sources will significantly impact our global food security.

By partnering with Australian farmers, The Leaf Protein is extracting large quantities of leafy byproducts that would otherwise go to waste and carefully extracting protein components for wider use. They combine innovative technology with a fundamental belief that the most sustainable answer to the global food crisis lies in the Earth’s most abundant, yet unused, protein green leaves.

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This article was produced by Startup Daily in partnership with AgriFutures.

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