5 Food Combinations That Can Help With Better Nutrient Absorption

We’ve all heard about the importance of eating nutritious food. It keeps you healthy and helps you get a good amount of all the essential nutrients. For this reason, many of us have started adding different ingredients to our diet. From spinach and tofu to mushrooms and more, there are many foods that help our bodies. But, did you know that combining certain foods strategically can help your body absorb vitamins and antioxidants in a better way!? According to Luvneet Prize-winning dietitian Batra, there are certain food combinations that help in better absorption of nutrients. I recently explained these foods and offered some combinations for you to try. Check them out below:

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1. Banana and Yogurt for Prebiotics and Probiotics

Potassium-rich bananas combined with protein-rich foods, such as yogurt, aid in muscle growth. Bananas are also rich in inulin, a prebiotic that promotes gut health and increases the body’s ability to absorb the calcium in yogurt. You can make a banana and yogurt smoothie quickly and easily with this mixture.

2. Mushrooms and sesame seeds for vitamin D and calcium

This combination of vitamins and minerals will support strong bones. More calcium is absorbed from your diet and supplements when you take vitamin D. The two cooperate because the active form of vitamin D initiates a chain of events that enhances intestinal absorption of dietary calcium. Here’s a quick way to prepare a mushroom pan.


3. Lemon and green leaves for vitamin C and iron

Non-heme iron, also known as vegetable iron, needs a little boost by combining it with a source of vitamin C for optimal absorption. Vitamin C helps convert iron into a form that the body can absorb more easily.

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4. Olives and spinach for healthy fats and vitamin A

Cooking and serving spinach with a little olive oil has been shown to improve the body’s absorption of the photochemical. Here are some recipes that you can make with spinach.


5. Almonds and oranges for vitamin E and vitamin C

Both vitamins are essential for immunity. By including vitamins C and E in your daily routine, you provide your skin with two weapons of antioxidants to protect against damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin E also helps in the formation of red blood cells, and vitamin C speeds up wound healing.

These are the five groups that dietitian Lovenet Batra suggests. Take a look at her full post here: