5 Fast Food Chains Opening Unique Locations – Eat This Not That

Drive-only restaurants, a unique and rapidly expanding concept, seem to be the future of fast food.

Customers in the age of the pandemic, in their constant pursuit of safety, speed, and convenient options for major brands, have shown that you don’t need seats to succeed.

according to Beck Magazinecar sales accounted for 42% of all restaurant traffic in November 2021, up from 26% in February 2020. Delivery during this period increased from 3% to 9%. While most fast food goers have become very comfortable with curbside delivery and digital and mobile ordering during the pandemic, the effect has been amplified when it comes to people using drive-through windows.

Motley Fool She informed that models that use drive only and outside the workplace will, from now on, be ‘preferred’ and may become ‘dominant’. The outlet also said that “tomorrow’s fast food restaurant is going to be a fully digital restaurant with a window at its core.”

Moreover, even chains that haven’t traditionally embraced drive-by, such as fast-food restaurants like Applebee’s and Shake Shack, seem to have seen the light, with both chains recently announcing the addition of drive-through lanes as well as takeout and curbside delivery and mobile orders.

“We’re seeing brands that in a million years will never embrace drive-thru-dreams,” said Adam Chandler, author of Drive-Thru Dreams. the counter. Chandler noted that COVID is guiding this trend. “The technology and its innovation, which has made the purchase of food fast and discrete, attractive.”

These fast-food chains are betting heavily that drive-thru and off-the-shelf locations can drive their businesses home.

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Richard R. / yelp

White Castle is opening a new fast-food-only location in Orlando, Florida, according to Diving Restaurant.

The 1,800-square-foot, 1800-square-foot burger unit will handle only digital orders for pick-up and delivery, and it literally sits next to Florida’s first restaurant in White Castle which successfully handled customer drive-by-dining.

The chain’s take-only model aims to directly enhance operations in a traditional, busy location, rather than extending the chain’s reach into new delivery markets.

White Castle is the latest burger chain to only add an off-site location as the growing demand for delivery remains strong. The company is joining chains like Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A that are testing ghost kitchens (physical spaces to create food for consumption outside of the workplace) as well as virtual brands for better off-site orders.

Courtesy of Chipotle

Late last year, Chipotle opened Chipotlane’s first digital kitchen, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, that features car windows, large windows, and no dining room or front line.

The restaurant is smaller than standard locations and features a kitchen with a dedicated line for digital orders served through the Chipotle app and the chain’s website, as well as delivery partners. Customers and delivery drivers can pick up digital orders through the Chipotlane window or follow-up window. This site also includes an outdoor patio.

Taco Bell challenges the outside
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s drive-through lines are legendary across the country. Dozens of fans told stories about waiting in the car in the early hours of the morning. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the company’s popularity with leadership, as the demand for contactless transactions has grown.

In response, Taco Bell announced a new drive-only concept called Taco Bell Defy, which will include not one or two but three lanes for mobile deliveries or deliveries and a fourth lane for those who want to place an order at the restaurant.

Customers can scan their orders using a QR code on one of the digital check-in screens and then drag them to a small window where their food is delivered by a lift system.

Company officials said the kitchen will be above driveways and customers can interact with employees using a two-way system of audio and video technology.

The first Taco Bell Defy is set to open in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota this summer.

Jimmy John by car during the day
Courtesy of Jimmy Jones

Inspire Brands sandwich chain Jimmy John’s recently announced a new restaurant format: its first drive-through-only location in Bartow, Florida, according to business restaurant.

The site features a double-sided lane with a dedicated pick-up lane, mobile lockers for take-out customers, and no seating.

Jimmy John’s 2,700-unit pay-as-you-go hopes pay-as-you-go will help propel the company forward after sales of the US system fell 8.5% in 2020, during the worst of the pandemic – despite a market that should have been favorable to a chain focused on Volume delivery.

Jimmy John’s launched a new brand identity last year to get back in front of customers. The Drive-Thu-only format builds on that new identity and promises a “digital forward approach,” with more options for mobile ordering.

For example, one of the new drive lanes is dedicated to mobile order customers. Those who do not want to go through this aisle can get their food from the ready-made cupboards.

Shake rocked for the first time a drive-through in Maple Grove, Minnesota
Shake Shack / Facebook

Although Shake Shack isn’t yet at the point of opening auto-only stores, it opened its first-ever location last December in Maple Grove, Minn. , according to Diving Restaurant.

The restaurant includes a digital menu board, two-track ordering system and separate reception window. Guests can order while in the driving lanes or in front via the company’s app and website.

The casual fast chain is looking to build ten cars this year as well as 45 to 50 new stores, its biggest expansion to date. More than half of its new stores will be in suburban markets, with a focus on stand-alone mall locations that can offer drive-through options.