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Whether you enjoy classic cocktails, neat pours, or are a true wine enthusiast, bring the style and function of a real bar into your home. With ideas ranging from simple to maximalist and rustic to modern, we’ve rounded up 30 designer-approved ones. bar ideas at home to inspire your next DIY home project.

You can keep things neutral in other rooms (like a modern kitchen or a minimalist living room), but a home bar is a great place to mix things up. An eye-catching backsplash, vibrant colors, bright lighting, or unique artwork are just a few ways to inject personality into your design. According to interior designer Mary Patton, essential items for a home wet bar are counter space, storage for glasses and an outlet for a wine fridge. “However, if you’re renting or short on space, a nice stylish stroller will do just fine.”

We predict colorful cabinets, bold design choices, and a takeover of kitchens in 2023, all of which will become the best bars in the home. Looking ahead to design trends for 2023, Patton predicts continued interest in designated bar areas and mini-bars. “During the pandemic, home bars and lounges were my number one design request from homeowners,” he says. “Because people understand that they like to stay at home, host and entertain.”

Keep scrolling to find inspiration that fits your space, big or small. Added bonus: we’re throwing in some budget-friendly ideas (hint: rolling carts and the closest conversions).

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Get creative with Backsplash

Whether you choose a geometric, mosaic or simple style, tile backsplashes are a great way to create instant character. Here, Hunter Carson Design chose a neutral gray tone with intricate detailing.
Adjacent to the modern breakfast nook, this moody bar area features a combination of white, black and wood cabinetry for depth and intrigue. The designers of the A1000XBetter chose a black top cabinet with glass doors to create a place to display glassware.

Add a Mirrored Backsplash

A mirrored backsplash not only helps make this bar area feel bigger and brighter, but also adds a bold look to a small space. Here, interior designer Mary Patton adds clean-level shelving and gold-accented flooring for added energy.

Do not agree on one statement

Although you usually stick to one focal point in one space, the home bar is a place to let your creativity run wild. Take a design risk with stunning backsplash, lighting, cabinet colors, and whatever your heart desires. Here, interior designer Linda Sullivan doesn’t shy away from eye-catching elements—primarily geometric tiles in metallic antique gold.
From moody wallpaper and shiny metals to artwork reminiscent of the 1920s, Rise Interiors brings Art Deco flair to this impressive bar area.
Whether used for making ice (essential if you love cocktails!) or washing glasses, the existing sink is very functional. Here, interior designer Jacqui Sierman proves that you don’t need a lot of space to install an existing sink.

Get inspired by nature

Cherry wood cabinetry, fresh flowers, greenery and nature-inspired artwork define the traditional bar space that Sarah & Sons thoughtfully assembles in this light-filled home.

Knitting on modern bar stools

Bar stools are more than seating, they are an important design element in a home bar. To complement the contemporary lighting fixture and geometric stripe design, interior designer Martin Lawrence Bullard goes for a pair of raised silver stools.

Stick to smaller devices

Adjacent to this family’s media room, this elegant wet bar has everything you need to make delicious cocktails for movie night. There is a wine fridge, freezer, sink and even a small dishwasher for easy cleanup.

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Reminiscent of your favorite sports bar, this wooden home bar features wall-mounted storage. Interior designer Hayley English even designs a spot for the TV.

Mix inner and outer life

Although the large windows and increased natural light help a lot, Mr. Alex Alonso. alex TATE Design brings the outdoors in with two large indoor trees, terracotta floor tiles and untreated wood cabinets.
From lighting and hardware to tabletop decor, gold elements add instant glitz and glamor to any home bar. Take a note from Sarah Malek Barney of BANDD/DESIGN and try a gold-rimmed glass bowl, a gold ice bucket, and a gold-accented cutting board to create a cohesive style.

Keep it simple with a rolling cart

Don’t worry if you don’t have room for a full bar: an existing stroller can feel just as elegant and serve the same function. Fill it with cocktail essentials, glassware and your favorite liqueur.

Take advantage of vertical space

Upper cabinets provide additional storage and make a small area feel larger by using vertical space. Another tip: add a mirror backsplash to create the illusion of more space.
Install a closet, shelves, and lighting nearby, and you’ll have a functional home in no time. Even though the design is this cool, you might want to leave the doors open to show off your setup.

Turn glassware into decor

Whether you pick up colorful glassware or stick to clear glasses and white mugs, your collections can easily double as decor in a small space. Here, Karen Rideau of The Kitchen Design Group turns to glass cabinet doors to reveal a neat display.
No counter space, no problem. Turn a thin table into a small bar counter, fill it with your favorite liquor and add some bar stools. Keep a bar cabinet nearby for extra storage.
A mirrored backsplash, five gold lamps, open shelving and purple velvet stools are just a few of the luxe design elements that Martin Lawrence Bullard brings to this intriguing space.

Wine bottle storage

Red, white or rose, this built-in wine rack is the perfect way to store your collection. If that’s not enough, add a wine fridge below.

Mix vintage with modern

Tucked into a small courtyard, this stylish bar space combines floor-to-ceiling red oak cabinetry, wicker shelving and vintage-inspired art with sleek appliances, glassware and fixtures.

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Adopt a monochromatic look

Here, designer Mary Patton reinvented a tall bar cabinet by painting it a dull shade of blue—then she followed it up by using the same shade on the walls, ceiling, and trim.
Brighten up your prep station with under-the-shelf lighting, like this unit from Designers at One House.
To add style and storage, install a shelving system from the ceiling like designer Amy Peltier did. Fill shelves with plants and decor, or work with glassware and spirits.

Go for a new wardrobe color

To contrast the white cabinets in the kitchen, the Arterberry Cooke team settled on a shade of forest green on their bar cabinets. This helps create the appearance of a separate space, even though your kitchen and bar area are connected.

Bring the bar to the basement

If you have the square footage, turn the basement into your own cocktail lounge. With tons of storage, a sink, and a wine fridge, this stunning unit from Alluring Designs is as professional as a real bar.
Use wall art and colorful glassware (including multi-colored glasses) to bring a splash of color to your home bar, even if you just have a cart.

Create the illusion of more space

Instantly double your space (or at least make it look bigger) by adding mirrors behind the bar. Interior designer Andrea May adds glass open shelves and fills them with essentials.

Add a full size wine cooler

The next best thing to a wine cellar is a large wine fridge that can easily store your entire collection. In addition, interior designer Jacqui Sierman adds plenty of space and a shelf full of glasses – so you can easily prepare vino.
A distressed wooden cart perfectly complements the exposed stone walls in this rustic living space. Complete the look with a flower arrangement in a vintage vase.

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