28 popular 100% vegan candies

Trying to satisfy your sweet tooth when adopting a vegan diet can be difficult.

Worse, some seemingly harmless options may contain ingredients that are not vegan-friendly, such as carmine, gelatin, or confectionery glazes.

Luckily, many “accidental” vegan candies are readily available at your local candy store, including favorites like Skittles, Laffy Taffy and Ring Pops.

We’ve compiled a list of the 28 best vegan candy options, including specialty sweets and mainstream goodies that contain no animal-derived ingredients.

vegan candy

Check out some popular vegan candies, including popular candies that aren’t known to be vegan!


With a slightly tangy, chalky texture, Smarties are classic wafer candies that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you haven’t opened a pack since you were a kid, you’ll be happy to know that the new Tropical Sour and Extreme Sour versions have rolled out.


Twizzler skips gelatin and replaces it with vegetable oil glycerin for a delicious crunch with flavors of strawberry, cherry, cherry bites, cherry nibs, licorice and chocolate.

This means vegans can Twizzle to their heart’s content.

Swedish fish

Swedish Fish is the clear winner when it comes to the candy tournament bracket.

The unusual shape, springy texture, and just the right amount of strawberry sweetness are irresistible.

Best of all, don’t worry about animal products, despite their misleading shape.

Swedish Fish uses mineral oil and cornstarch to achieve gummy goodness.

sour patch kids

In my ranking of the best vegan candies, Sour Patch Kids is a close runner-up to Swedish Fish.

That said, the mix of flavors keeps things interesting and worth rotating into my snack mix from time to time.

If you like these, check out our other sour candies.

air heads

Describing an airhead is a bit like trying to describe the taste of water.

Not exactly gummy, but not a toffee texture.

Melt-in-your-mouth tangy sweetness combined with 16 delightful flavors, including my favorite blue raspberry, for a quirky and tantalizing taste.

pixie sticks

If you’re looking for the ultimate in vegan fun, nothing beats popping a literal tube of flavored sugar and citric acid in your mouth.

Eating Pixy Stix is ​​all the fun of the ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ without the inevitable coughing fits and messes all over the kitchen counter.


For people who like candy with subtleties, dots are the perfect solution.

These gumdrops come in four lightly sweet and savory varieties: Original, Tropical, Sour and Watermelon.

These vegan goodies are also allergen friendly, making them ideal for gluten-free and peanut-free diets.

jolly launcher hard candy

Jolly Ranchers aren’t your grandma’s hard candy.

It’s chock-full of artificial fruit flavors and makes the perfect on-the-go snack when butterscotch and peppermint just can’t keep your appetite down.

Peach flavor is not recommended for those who have never tried it.

It’s highly addictive, and you’ll scream with joy when you find them at your local grocery store.


Have you ever wondered, “What if dots were cylinders instead of gumdrops?”

Next, jujube is the best vegan candy to satisfy your curiosity.

These candies are hundreds of years old and initially consisted of jujube dates, gum arabic, and sugar.

Today, standard boxes include an exciting mix of cherries, limes, lemons, lilacs and violets.

dum dum

Oh, Dum-Dums… Every time I went to the bank with my mom, I crossed my fingers for fun flavors like pina coladas and cotton candy instead of the dreaded cream soda.

Luckily, these vegan-friendly mini suckers come in 20 varieties, so you’re more likely to get your favorite pop.

sweet tart

There is no candy more aptly named than SweetTart.

These magical packs start out delightfully sweet before transitioning to mouth-puckering sourness.

They’re also considerably larger than Smarties, so they’ll last longer if you like to suck on candy instead of chewing it right away.


According to a USA Today survey, skittles are the second most expensive Halloween candy after Reese’s peanut butter cups.

No need to wait for spooky season to come. Vegans can enjoy these fruity, crunchy treats all year round.

blow pop

For vegans looking for 2-in-1 goodness, Blow Pops combine a long-lasting hard candy with a bubblegum center.

A nostalgic childhood creation that comes in nine flavors, including the recent additions Kiwi Berry Blast, Black Ice, What-a-Melon, and Blue Razz. candy stash.

bottle cap

Bottle caps have a similar texture to Smarties, but come in fun pop flavors like cola, cherry cola, root beer, grape and orange soda.

These won’t drown out the itch because of the carbonation, but the authentic soda flavor is surprisingly refreshing and doesn’t go away with a shake of the box.

fan dip

Fun Dip is more than just candy. An interactive experience that will give your tongue a funky color and encourage you to eat a spoon when the powder is gone.

The Cherry Yum Diddly Dip is great, but the Razz Apple Magic Dip is the clear winner.

This sweet sorceress changes color from blue to green when eaten.

Hubba Bubba bubblegum

Hubba Bubba stands out as one of the few vegan-friendly bubble gums on the market, but an animal-free ingredient list doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste.

It’s also the perfect tool to earn the current Guinness World Record for blowing a giant 20-inch (50.8 cm) bubblegum bubble.

mamba fruit chews

I know I made a lofty statement about Swedish fish being the best vegan candy. ridiculous Tasty mamba fruit chews.

Mamba Tropics wins with two flavors: Pineapple Coconut, Peach Passion Fruit, Apple Kiwi, and Mango Orange, but never turn down the original pack.

Mary Janes

Mary Janes is Necco’s brainchild. However, you shouldn’t judge them based on their association with the brand’s ho ham sugar wafers.

Mary Jane’s is an oft-underrated peanut butter and molasses toffee that packs a lot of flavor into an understated brown rectangle.

Even if you weren’t a fan as a kid, you may be pleasantly surprised as you have a more mature palate.


Otaku is most accurately described as a box full of happiness and sunshine in the shape of a candy with just the right amount of sourness.

Perhaps it’s a gimmicky dual-chamber box or a fun mascot, but these tangy little crunchies are my regular go-to when refilling my bin of sweet treats.

Dandies Vegan Marshmallow

Marshmallows are a campfire staple, but most are made with animal-derived gelatin.

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are plant-based pillows with vanilla-flavoured goodness to solve your s’mores woes.

Now, all you need is a vegan chocolate bar and a box of graham crackers to complete your three deliciously gooey wins.


Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of fireballs. Eating one felt more like a test of my willpower than a little midday pick-me-up, with a fiery cinnamon flavor bursting in my mouth. increase.

That said, I can understand the appeal. This is for people who not only want the long life of a jawbreaker, but also want to prove that they can easily win a pepper eating contest.

gob stopper

Thanks to Gene Wilder’s version of the iconic scene, Gobstopper always put a smile on my face. willy wonka and the chocolate factory When Violet transforms into a giant blueberry.

Unlike the movie version, these miniature jawbreakers won’t turn you into fruit, but they’re perfect for a vegan diet.

roughy toffee

Traditional brine toffee is hit or miss in terms of flavor.

Too many variety bags are packed with dreaded mint or black licorice treats instead of the much-preferred bananas, green apples, and mangoes.

Laffy Taffy, on the other hand, has always been a hit thanks to its vegan recipe and licorice-free flavor.


If you’ve been looking for a reason to revisit your beloved childhood Pez dispenser collection, the fact that the candy is vegan might do the trick.

You can also buy candy in bulk if you’re not interested in keeping plastic donuts and Disney Princesses in your pocket just in case you need a snack.

now and later

If there’s one complaint I have about chewy candies, it’s that they run out quickly.

Now and Laters bridges the gap between gummies and bubblegum with long-lasting textures and 13 flavors to keep things interesting.

A word of warning: Chewy Now and Laters contain egg whites, so we recommend choosing the standard Original Mix, Berry Smash, and Tropic Rush to meet your dietary needs.

ring pops

Do you have embarrassing memories of proposing “love” to a junior high school student at Ring Pop? I’m sure it is.

Luckily, these wearable lollipops are delicious enough to fight cravings and enjoy a fruity treat.

It’s also useful for gamers, as you can sneak lick it between boss phases without getting your hands sticky.

YumEarth gummy bear

It seems ironic to make vegan candies in animal shapes, but YumEarth makes up for the snafu with seasonal gummy bear flavors made to the same recipe as their fan-favorite fruit snacks.

But keep in mind that the original version you can always get is not vegan.

You should pay attention to the versions for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.


With slogans like “It’s Where the Fizz Izz,” pick up a pack of Zotz and have a good time.

These fruit-flavoured goodies have a hard candy coating and a surprise inside. The center is made of bicarbonate sweetener.

vegan candy

  1. Smarties
  2. Twizzler
  3. Swedish fish
  4. sour patch kids
  5. air heads
  6. pixie sticks
  7. Dot
  8. jolly launcher hard candy
  9. Jujube
  10. dum dum
  11. sweet tart
  12. skittles
  13. blow pop
  14. bottle cap
  15. fan dip
  16. Hubba Bubba bubblegum
  17. mamba fruit chews
  18. Mary Janes
  19. Otaku
  20. Dandies Vegan Marshmallow
  21. fireball
  22. gob stopper
  23. roughy toffee
  24. pez
  25. now and later
  26. ring pops
  27. YumEarth gummy bear
  28. Zots

Did you know these candies are vegan?

Anyone following a vegan diet will enjoy these candy options! Check out more candies at Trader Joe’s. A vegan option is also included.

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