25 volunteer ideas for National Volunteer Week and beyond

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People look for a sense of purpose at work – and volunteering is a great way to find it. A volunteer program creates connections between employees, their communities, and the causes they care about. It is proven increase the activity of employees and studies show volunteers benefit from their physical and mental health.

Here are 25 volunteering ideas that will inspire your employees to get involved and help create a purpose-driven company culture that people want to be a part of.

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1. Support good deeds. Encourage your people to track volunteer time for random acts of kindness, such as taking groceries to a neighbor or buying a coffee for a homeless person.
2. Write a letter to the elder. Many elderly people suffer from loneliness. You can make them smile by sending a kind note or letter through an organization like yours Love for our elders.
3. Prepare care packages for seniors in nursing homes. Not every elderly person has loved ones. Make them feel outstanding and special. Check out organizations like?DOROT?or?The Secret Service of Adults.
4. Write a letter to the children at the local hospital. Children in the hospital need hope. Send them inspirational messages to brighten their day.
5. Send cards to refugees. Many refugees are struggling to rebuild their lives. Show that people are thinking about them. Exit CARE?or Any refugee?? to begin with.


6. Meet the non-profit organization. If your company has a relationship with a nonprofit organization, invite them to host an information session so your people can learn about their work. Tracking this time as volunteering will motivate your people and inspire them to donate their time or money directly.
7. Volunteer to learn. Many companies encourage their people to participate in training on important topics such as diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging, counting the time investment as volunteer hours. Invite a leader from one of your employee resource groups (ERGs) to host the session.
8. Start with small actions. Micro actions help your people take small steps that have a big impact. Tracking these activities as volunteer time will motivate your people to make lasting changes in their daily lives. Find out how TC Energy encouraged its employees to complete 4,000 micro-promotions during the holiday campaign.

Come together

9. Clean up the community. Grab your trash bags, gloves (and your team!) and head to your local park or beach. During the annual Homecoming reunion, Benevity divided hundreds of employees into small cleanup crews that took to the streets of downtown Calgary and filled countless bags with trash. Favorite organizations Coastal cleaning make assembly and cleaning of the local area easier.
10. Host a bingo night at a nursing home or shelter. Now here’s a winning idea! Add some fun and excitement with a game everyone can play. You can even recruit some residents to be Bingo callers.
11. Make birthday bags. Help make someone’s birthday special. Pack a bag full of children’s birthday supplies: balloons, candles, cake mix and decorations for a local shelter or food bank.
12. Schedule a shift at a local food bank or soup kitchen. Fight hunger on the front lines by preparing and serving food to those in need.
13. Prepare bag lunches for the homeless. Gather your colleagues to pack a nutritious sack lunch. They can be dropped off at a shelter or distributed directly to homeless people in your community.
14. Grab a clothesline. Keep gently used clothing out of landfills by encouraging people to bring unwanted items from their closets. Donate clothes to your local shelter or similar organization Dress for luck.
15. Join community projects. Ask your local government if they need volunteers for community projects; it’s a great way to make a difference close to home.
16. Make hygiene kits. The kits include soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, combs, and more. collect unused samples from home or the dollar store to fill out. Donate them to shelters or directly to organizations?Beauty Bus FoundationIt offers beauty services to the critically ill and their caregivers.
17. Help animals. Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers and/or donations of toys, blankets, pet food, etc. looking for supplies. Contact local shelters or rescue organizations to see how your people can help. our animal activation kit provides pre-written content to get you started.
18. Organize a food drive. Start by contacting your local food bank to find out which items are most needed. Bring the requested items to staff and schedule a day to drop them off.
19. Sort food at the food bank. Organizing and sorting donations is a big job. Contact your local food bank to arrange a time for your people to help. our food bank activation kit for pre-written templates to help with installation.
20. Explore skills-based volunteering. Your skills could be of great help to an under-resourced nonprofit. From writing website copy to doing bookkeeping, lending your skills to long-term projects can have a big impact. Find out how Atlassian’s skills-based volunteering program Significant impact on 50 partners.
21. Become a youth mentor. Everyone needs a mentor, and you can be a young adult. Check out our site to organize a youth mentoring program at your workplace youth mentoring activation kit.

Volunteering Virtually

22. Help the visually impaired. Can you help visually impaired or blind people live independently with apps?Be my eyes.
23. Translate for TED. TED Interpreters is a global community of volunteers who subtitle TED Talks, allowing inspiring ideas to travel across languages ​​and borders. Give your people control over their time on this initiative.
24. Help emergency responders respond quickly. Aid workers need quick access to critical information during disasters. volunteering together Humanitarian data exchange Collecting critical information and entering it into a database allows rescuers to access the information they need to respond quickly.
25. Join the animal protection cause. ZSL’s Instant Wild enables volunteers to participate in vital conservation work by bringing live images and videos from stunning locations around the world to match.

Use these ideas to plan campaigns that will inspire and energize your people to give their time during National Volunteer Week and throughout the year.

If you’re looking for more ideas about National Volunteer Week, check out our site National Volunteer Week Activation Kitloaded with ready-made content and contact templates.

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