20 Recipes Of Mango Pulp No One Can Resist

Are you ready to cook some seriously delicious dishes? see these Mango Pulp Recipe,

Mango pulp is a magical substance that adds a tropical flavor to brighten up any dish.

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From decadent cakes to puddings and refreshing salads, it will add delightful flavor.

Sweet Aam Panna Catta with Mint

Using mango pulp is also a great way to preserve the taste of summer.

It lasts for months, so you can enjoy the mango flavored sweets whenever you feel like it.

Whether you’re looking for something fruity or decadent, here’s a recipe for you!

what are you waiting for? Read and choose your favourite!

Mango Pudding is a delicious tropical treat that you can enjoy all year round!

It is creamy and sweet with a hint of tartness from the mango pulp.

Mango pulp brings out bright, fruity flavors that will transport you to tropical climates with every spoonful.

This dessert is to die for. It’s like eating a mango flavored cloud!

Looking for a cake that will leave your guests speechless? This eggless mango cake is the answer!

This cake calls for mango pulp to bring out the fruity flavor in the eggless batter.

The tangy sweetness of mango and the hearty cream cheese frosting complement each other perfectly.

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Not only is it delicious, but it’s also gorgeous to look at! Its vibrant colors and soft layers are simply pleasing to the senses.

Have you ever dreamed of having sweets for breakfast without guilt?

Well, dreams do come true with this Mango Chia Pudding!

Each cup bursts with sweet, fruity flavor and packs good ingredients.

The tartness contrasts with the sweetness of mango maple syrup.

It is the perfect blend of the goodness of mango and antioxidant-rich chia seeds.

This mango chia pudding will make every fiber of your being sing with joy.

Mango mousse is a delicious, creamy dessert that is perfect for any occasion. But did you know that you can also make it without gelatin?

With this recipe, you can! It still has the smooth, velvety consistency from agar and whipping cream.

Although this recipe calls for mango puree, using mango pulp won’t make a noticeable difference. It’s sweet, tart and divine!

Looking for a more refreshing alternative to soda? Then mango juice is your best bet!

It’s sweet and fruity, full of tropical flavors thanks to mango pulp and coconut water.

In addition, it is loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

This mango juice tastes so good, like summer vacation in a glass!

Mango Lassi is a delicious Indian drink made from curd, milk and mango pulp.

This drink is perfect for any time of year, but it’s especially good when it’s hot outside.

The tart, fruity, and creamy goodness will pamper your sweet tooth while cooling you down.

The best part is that you can add a dash of cardamom and saffron for a little zing!

Do you like mango? Do you like Cheesecake?

Wouldn’t it be great if the two of you could eat together in a delicious dessert?

Well, I have good news. you can! With this recipe, you can enjoy the tangy taste of mango in a cream cheese filling.

The fruity, buttery filling contrasts perfectly with the crumbly graham cracker crust.

Each slice of this cheesecake boasts heavenly flavors that will blow you away!

This Mango Mousse Cake is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion!

It’s light and fluffy with just the right amount of tartness, thanks to our secret ingredient: mango pulp!

The cake features a mango gel topping for a chewy contrast to the sponge cake base.

With every bite, it’s like eating a mango in cake form!

Do you want to indulge in something bad after having a meal? These traditional Indian sweets will make your mouth water!

Mango Peda is a delicious dessert that packs sweet, tangy flavors with a touch of creaminess.

They are like a package of deliciousness with a soft texture that melts in your mouth.

The best part? This fruity treat is freezer friendly, so you can make them anytime and enjoy some sweets!

Looking for a sweet, decadently flavored dessert? Well, you can’t go wrong with Aam Ki Phirni!

Made of semolina, fresh mango pulp and milk, this dessert is sweet yet light and refreshing.

Also, it has a warm fragrance which comes from the addition of saffron.

It is creamy, sweet and slightly tart. Serve this cold for a hearty feast that will chill and fill you up!

This bright and refreshing mango ice cream will cool you down on a hot day!

In my opinion, mango is the best thing about ice cream flavor! The sweet, tangy taste of mango is delicious.

Mango pulp infuses the plain ice cream base with bright flavor and yellow color.

It is blended to smooth, creamy perfection and frozen into cold bliss.

The best part is that this recipe is very easy to make! Waiting for the ice cream to cool is probably the hardest part of the process.

Your tastebuds are ready for this Mango Panna Catta Sevaiyan Kheer.

It is like two desserts served in one cup that will blow your mind.

Fruity aam panna cotta and fragrant vermicelli kheer make for a flavor explosion.

This delicious Indian fusion dessert is a show-stopper for any occasion. This is a delightful way to end your meal with a bang!

When you are in the mood to eat something sweet, nothing beats aamras.

This traditional Indian dessert calls for mango pulp mixed with spices and milk for some zing.

The ingredients are mixed until smooth, and it’s ready in just 5 minutes.

Serve it to serve with crispy, puffed poori, and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Every bite of this treat is a relaxing experience on a hot, sunny day!

Craving for a decadent treat with a citrus kick? These Mango Lime Bars are the answer!

Made from layers of creamy filling and a buttery shortbread crust, these little bundles are a delight.

They pack the sweet, tangy flavors of mango pulp with the zest of lime.

The flavors are addictive, and one slice won’t suffice. you’ve been warned!

What’s better than a mango bar? A Mango Bar with an Oatmeal Crust and a Smooth Mango Filling!

That’s right, friends. I’m talking about that deliciously sweet fruit you know and love.

They’re packages of great texture and bright flavor that will make your taste buds soar.

They’re great for dessert and hearty snacks after a meal if you’re on the go.

Nothing beats a creamy, refreshing fruit salad after a hearty meal. And this fruit salad makes a bright contrast.

Made with just four ingredients, it’s a simple and easy treat that’s ready in a jiffy.

Mixed fruits are tossed in a sweet, creamy dressing with tart mango pulp.

This salad is so good, it’ll make you feel like chilling out on the beach somewhere.

Brighten up your day with a slice of this mango pie. It features sweet, tangy cream cheese mango filling in a crunchy, buttery crust.

The star of this dessert is the mango pulp, which makes it rich in colors and flavours.

This pie is rich and decadent with a subtle touch that will leave you craving more.

The best part? You won’t even need to turn on your oven for this!

I have to admit that my weakness is a piece of bundt cake. And if you’re like me, you’ll love this Vegan Mango Bundt Cake!

Sweet, succulent mangoes doused in a classic butter cake are a match made in heaven.

Plus, it contains nutritious vegetarian ingredients, which make this cake utterly divine.

Each bite will fill your mouth with heartwarming flavor with a bright, fruity zing!

Do you love tiramisu but want something light and easy to eat? Then, this Mango Tiramisu recipe is for you!

It has a velvety mascarpone cheese base with mango pulp, yogurt, and vanilla.

Then, it is layered with okra dipped in mango juice and rum to enhance the final flavor.

Creamy, decadent flavor and fruity mango make this dessert special.

Mango Tiramisu is the perfect sweet and light dessert for your summer festivities!

Get ready to be blown away by the rich, zingy kick of this Spicy Mango Chutney!

The sweet, tart mango pulp collides with the tangy heat of the jalapeo, creating a flavor bomb.

It is mixed with lime juice, garlic and cilantro for a zesty, aromatic touch.

This sauce is perfect for dipping or as a marinade for your favorite cuts of meat.

Once you try this spicy mango chutney, it will surely become a pantry staple!

Mango Pulp Recipe