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In just a few days, I’ll be traveling to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where Food Tank helped co-curate the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP27. Food Tankers, #FoodCOP27.

We call it #FoodCOP27 because this conference – unlike any previous UN climate summit – recognizes the power of food and food systems in addressing climate change. Until this year, there has never been a food pavilion at the UN Climate Change Conference. There will be at least four this week.

Food and climate go hand in hand. Food systems are responsible for about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions. This means that food is one of the most urgent and powerful ways to tackle the climate crisis. Growing crops more efficiently and regeneratively, working with nature rather than against it, can help protect habitats that naturally absorb carbon and reduce emissions, according to WWF. Consumption too – choosing a diet rich in plants and reducing food loss and waste can help cut emissions by almost half compared to a business-as-usual approach.

When we ignore food systems, the climate suffers. People have been drawing attention to the links between food and climate for generations, and it’s time the UN and other organizations and governments around the world finally recognize this. This is why #FoodCOP27 means so much and that’s why I hope you join our movement. Become a Food Tank member today by CLICKING HERE and read on to learn about events you can be a part of wherever you are.

A quick note: If you are going to attend COP27 in Egypt in person, we look forward to seeing you. Please email our co-founder Bernard Pollack at [email protected]; Let us add you to a list of specific special event invitations, receptions, dinners and more.

A quick look at one of the special events you can attend: We are hosting three special screenings of Food 2050 documentary produced by the Rockefeller Foundation and Media RED. The film features 10 of the world’s most optimistic, daring visionaries working to heal the planet and our bodies at a camera, and then I moderate discussions with some of these innovators, plus a delicious reception curated by Celebrity Chef Bobby Chin. Collaboration with the Resilient Cities Network and incredible speakers, including food sovereignty advocates, doctors, policy makers and other leaders. These screenings are by invitation only, so if you’re going to be at the COP and would like to be added to the roster, let us know at [email protected]

Wherever you are, here is a snapshot of some of the awesome shows we hope you’ll join for FREE from Food Tank and our friends:

On unlocking the potential of young farmers in sustainable, climate-resilient food practices. Watch this discussion HERE on Thursday, November 10 at 9:00 pm Eastern US time (or 4:00 pm if you’re here in Egypt). we will talk with Arnold Puech d’Alisacthe World Farmers Organization (WFO); Birch SewrajWFO; Note Bastida, Youth Activist + Otomi-Toltec Indigenous Community; and Aiysha Siddiq, Pakistan Climate Justice Youth Advocate. This panel is jointly hosted by UN FAO, The Rockefeller Foundation, and CGIAR, and I hope you’ll join us live here.

On valuing food and agriculture systems and creating meaningful climate/food solutions. Join us live on Friday, November 11 at 08:00 Eastern Time (3:00 PM here in Egypt) and HERE: Zitouni Old Dadathe UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); Jeroom RimmersTAPP Coalition; Roy Steiner Rockefeller Foundation; Helena Wrightthe Jeremy Coller Foundation; Mark GoughCapitals Coalition; Jeremy CollerColler Capital; Gunhild StordalenEAT Forum; Ertharin CousinFood Systems for the Future; by Berry Mart, Rabobank; And I will be the moderator. Again, get the tickets HERE and this livestream link is HERE.

It starts live at 05:00 on how scalable renewable food systems can be a climate solution. US Eastern time (11.00 a.m. in Egypt) Saturday, November 12. Rt Hon Lord BenyonUK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Give us VetterNature Conservation; Ezgi BarcenasAB InBev; Marilyn HerseyPennsylvania Dairy Farmer; Star Penunia-BanzuelaAsian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development; Purvi Mehta, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; and Fabio Luiz Guido’s photo., Itau Unibanco. We will post it HERE.


You can sign up on how nations can achieve both their nutrient-dense food production and climate policy goals, again on Saturday, November 12—this time at 7:00 AM Eastern US time (or 2:00 PM in Egypt), CLICK HERE. .

People we will chat with include: Martina FleckensteinWWF International; Saswati BoraNature Conservation; Sarah FarleyRockefeller Foundation; Lee RightAlef Farms; Burrito FongGlobal Alliance for the Future of Food; Million LatencyAFSA; Greg GarrettAccess to the Nutrition Initiative; Josephine OkojieNigerian Food and Agricultural Writers’ Organization; Monica YatorIndigenous Women and Girls Initiative; Ertharin CousinFood Systems for the Future; David BrandesPlanet; Jillian SkyKetchup; Michelle TigchelaarStanford University; Rania Al MashatEgyptian Government; Hanneke FaberUnilever; Mansi Shah, Association of Self-Employed Women; And again, I will be the moderator. HERE is the registration link once again.

On Wednesday, November 16th, we will discuss both big-picture and small-scale solutions to food loss and waste. Discussions begin at 9:30am Egyptian time—that’s 2:30 pm Eastern Time for anyone based in the US, the night owls are there, and we hope you’ll join in by catching the live stream HERE.

If you join us, you will hear: Pete PearsonWWF; Lisa Moon, Global Food Banking Network; Oliver Camp, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition; Keith AgoadaManufacturer Trust; Lasse Bruun, 50by40; Noah Nasiali-Kadima, African Farmer Network; Desmond AlugnoaGreen African Youth Organization; Sarah FarleyRockefeller Foundation; Umran FundResilient Cities Network; Paul NewnhamSustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 Advocacy Centre; Bobby ChinnFamous Chef; Earlene CruzKitchen Connection; Raphael PodselverProVeg International; Megan MorikawaIberostar Group; Richard SwannellPACKING; Maximo MazzoccoEco Home Global; David Jackson, Winnow; and I will be moderate. If you are in Egypt with us for this panel, let us know by REGISTERING HERE.

There will be an important discussion at 10:00 on transforming value chains and developing inclusive and fair markets. Egyptian clock—another potentially early period; 3:00AM Eastern US Time—Thursday 17 November. join me and Didier ToubiaAlef Farms; Star Penunia-BanzuelaAsian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development; Chief Caleen SiskWinnem Wintu Tribe; Nico JanssenIKEA Foundation; Fabrizio MurianaAssociate at the Regenera Institute; Lasse Bruun, 50by40; Brent Loken, WWF; Gunhild StordalenEAT Forum; Naglaa Ahmed, Egyptian Biodynamic Society; and Andrea Erickson-Quiroz, Nature Conservation. If you’re in Egypt, sign up HERE to join us at the Food Systems Pavilion.

These are just a few of the things we are proud to present at COP27 together with the WWF, the Environmental Defense Fund, the World Farmers Organization, the Good Food Institute and many other inspiring colleagues. I hope you’ll take a look at the ever-evolving outline of Food Tank’s event schedule HERE.

I will be in Egypt not only for a better food system but also on behalf of you and all Food Tankers around the world! During the COP, I’ll sneak a peek at my notes and send you posts from the day’s sessions, key quotes, articles, and more. Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter and please forward this message to your friends so they can join the global food and climate conversation at #FoodCOP27.

Thanks to our Global Food Tank member family, we are able to program like this. If you are a member going to Egypt for COP27, don’t forget to let us know. To take part in special events, email [email protected] and keep me posted at [email protected] And if you’re not yet a member, I really recommend joining today at

We cannot do what we do without YOU.

Photo courtesy of Tim Hufner, Unsplash