11 Restaurant Chains Open on Thanksgiving — Eat This, Not That

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! But if you’re reading these words on Thursday, November 24, 2022, you’re probably more interested in food than well-wishers. While it’s easy for some to find holiday cheer, finding a restaurant open on Thanksgiving can be a little more difficult.

But don’t worry, as many of your favorite venues are open while more people are dining out or snacking on the big day.

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast that keeps you busy until the big feast or a meal you can truly enjoy after eating it with your mom’s dried turkey, here are 11 popular chain restaurants open on Thanksgiving 2022.

(Note that hours and openings sometimes vary by location, so maybe call ahead before jumping in the car!)

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What could be more American than celebrating America’s Thanksgiving holiday by going to McDonald’s? Not really much. Fortunately, per Country LifeMost McDonald’s locations are open on Thanksgiving, so whether you’re grabbing a cup of coffee on your way to your mother-in-law’s house or a late-night Big Mac, Golden Arches beckons.

starbucks coffee sign
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Yes, many Starbucks locations are open on Thanksgiving, but hours can vary, so check with your local store. Did you really think this coffee and pastry chain would let you down?


Known for being open 24/7 – though most of them aren’t anymore – the good old Denny’s is open for business on Thanksgiving. At least, almost all locations – call ahead to double check. A few Denny’s locations we checked out as we researched today’s story, welcome you this beautiful Thursday. (Some Denny’s will close that afternoon, just so you know.)

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dunkin donut and coffee

Yes, America can still “run with Dunkin” on Thanksgiving! Almost every Dunkin’ location is open for business on Thanksgiving, so pop in and grab a coffee and a muffin, or try a new Wake-Up Pack (that’s a waffle wrapped in an egg and bacon). Or hey, there’s a turkey sandwich, so this is Thanksgiving, right?

Steaming ihop coffee mug

The International House of Pancakes is open for business on America’s Thanksgiving, so drop by for a stack of pancakes and some coffee. Pretty solid menu, so lunch and dinner work just as well.


Frosty lovers, you are in luck! Like the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and those who love chili and baked potatoes, because Wendy’s is open for business on Thanksgiving. In fact, most Wendy’s locations are open every day of the year, including Christmas and New Year’s, according to the company’s blog. Try the chain’s new French Toast bars, which are boosting their breakfast sales.


You can get your turkey dinner at Subway for Thanksgiving. And your steak, chicken and Veggie Delight is ready. This is the world’s second-largest fast-food chain, open Thursday, November 24, 2022 in most of its Americas locations.

Boston Market Thanksgiving
Courtesy of Boston Market

Considering that many people splurge on their Thanksgiving dinners literally from Boston Market, it’s hardly surprising to find this comfort food-centric chain open this holiday. So even if you’ve left your meal plan up to date, you can still have a classic American Thanksgiving meal when you come here right now.

cracker barrel
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Not only is Cracker Barrel open on Thanksgiving, there’s a good chance the place will be packed. In fact, this is the busiest day of the year at Cracker Barrel restaurants, according to a press release the company released a few years ago.


Get your wings, beer, apps, and the rest of your B-Dubs favorites at Thanksgiving, because most locations in Buffalo Wild Wings are open for business. And yes, there will be football matches shown on the screens.

burger king iced coffee
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Many UK locations have reduced or changed hours on Thanksgiving, but nearly all Burger King restaurants are open at some point. Call ahead before getting your Whopper or Chicken Roast.

apple bee
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Your intimate neighborhood bar and grill is open for business on Thanksgiving, so head to Applebees for plenty of apps, Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp, Crispy Chicken Tender Salad, or a giant Blue Hawaiian Long Island Iced Tea. Note that some places may close earlier than usual on Thanksgiving.