10+ Magnificent Cakes That Do Far More Than Taste Great

Just like in the fashion world, confectionery art experiences new trends every now and then. Pastry masters continue to learn new techniques and textures, experimenting with decor and taste combinations as they go. That’s why surprising people with a cake is becoming more and more difficult year after year. Still, some culinary enthusiasts manage to put a smile on people’s faces as they admire these edible masterpieces.

We at Bright Side couldn’t ignore these unique cakes that are great not only because of their taste but also because of the backstory and the magnificent idea their creators came up with. The bonus feature at the end will show you that some desserts can be eaten and heard too.

1. So simple but so creative!

2. “A Harry Potter-style cake that my sister made — she’s 11.”

3. “The cake I made for my color-blind friend’s thirtieth birthday.”

“This is how he will see it.”